Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Castle Cookies Continued

Continuing with the castle themed cookies this week, I also made Carriages for the princesses to travel in.
 This cookie cutter is from eCrandal and available in different sizes. I like big cookies, so I ordered the large size ;-) and it was really fun to decorate. I decided on a specific design and then outlined the cookies. 
I had a hard time deciding on the colors of the wheels for some reason. I started with brown wheels and white inside and thought it was okay, but not great. Then I made black wheels with grey inside and really didn't like that at all. Then I decided to keep with the pinks and purples of my castle themed cookies and was very happy with that. I decided on light sky blue for the wheel background and the inside of the carriage. I added yellow sanding sugar to the top of the carriage for effect.
I've spent all morning working on a volunteer event that I'm in charge of in a couple weeks. Now I get to go play for a bit so I'm off to roll out some cookies. I hope you are enjoying your day!


  1. These are so pretty, i love seeing the process of cookie making. I Don't have the cutter and perhaps it is time to get one.

  2. Like Hani, I don't have this cutter either but even if I did, I doubt I could make the carriages as pretty as as colourful as you did. Love them!


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