Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tutorial - Cookie Decorating - How to use a KopyKake projector

I'm continuing to work on the bicycle cookies for my friend, Bob. I figured this would be a good opportunity to show you some simple cookie decorating techniques. Today I'm going to show you HOW to use a KopyKake projector. I've actually heard from a couple people that they are considering purchasing one and even from one gal that has already purchased one, but hasn't taken it out of the box yet to figure it out. A KopyKake (KK) is simply a projector that allows you to project an image onto a cookie. They are very easy to use once you play around with it a bit. Today I am using my KK to make a simple (perfect) circle. You can use the KK to draw anything. See below for a picture of my recent Hello Kitty cookies for instance.

Thanks to my son, Nick, who agreed to be my videographer for y'all! Remember to turn up your speakers as I can be too quiet. I always tell hubby that he's wrong when he says that I mumble, but after watching the videos, I see that he's right. Just don't tell him that I said so! Please excuse my nerves. I hate being in the spotlight! Also excuse my very white hands. We cyclists wear gloves and have dorky tan lines ;-) Also when I say "move this" I'm referring to the lens (the black part of your KK projector) as you'll see later in the video. Enjoy!
All my bicycles have tires on them now :-)
and many have full wheels now too
One really cool thing about a KK is that you can use it to project any image onto a cookie. I had bought a Hello Kitty coloring book and used it to project these images to decorate Hello Kitty cookies.
I better get back to cookie decorating.

On a side note, my son is completing his Eagle Scout project this weekend. I'm so incredibly proud of him that I actually cry tears every time I think of it! If he's smart, he won't allow his crying mom to be at the Eagle project! ;-) He has worked in scouting for about 10 years and finished earning all the merit badges for Eagle over 2 years ago and started his first Eagle project, but it fell through because the recipient changed their mind and so he had to start all over with a new recipient. Everything has fallen into place extremely easily with this new Eagle project, so we know it is all God's plan. He has learned so much from this experience and we couldn't be more proud of him for sticking with it and accomplishing his goals! Nick, and his team of volunteers scouts, will be building 3 benches and dedicating them to my father who lost his battle with Cancer in 2008.
I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page and a friend wrote this. It actually made me cry tears! I'm SUCH a SOFTIE I know! Thanks Michael!
Every time I see you two together on a picture, it makes me smile. Nick is always smiling, and you look so radiant and proud next to him. These are some of the happiest pictures I know.


  1. Great tutorial!!! I might invest in a KopyKake one day!! I need all the help I can get when it come to doing character cookies!! :-) I really love those hello kitty cookies!!

  2. Congrats to your son on Eagle Scout! It is truly an accomplishment to go that far in scouting and the values he has learned from this will stay with him throughout life! Also I love your cookies and videos, please keep posting them, thanks from Joan @ Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love hearing that people do actually watch the videos and enjoy them! :-)

  4. I have used my KopyKake a few times since recently purchasing it and I don't think I'll ever regret buying one! Your bicycles are shaping up just beautifully.
    So glad that your son's project is almost completed. The bench you are sitting on is beautiful and the three of them will forever be a loving tribute to his grandfather while providing a beautiful place for others to sit and rest a bit.

    P.S. Your soft voice is the perfect compliment to your tender heart.

  5. @The Vanilla Bean Baker you always make me say "awww" at my computer. I think the next time hubby yells at me for mumbling (he is a VERY loud man), I will use that comment that my soft voice goes with my tender heart! LOVE that! Thanks Paula!


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