Thursday, September 1, 2011

Animal Print Cookies

A whole bunch of cookie bakers (we call them "cookiers") are baking animal print cookies this week. I just love it when a bunch of friends come together for a project. It makes it so much fun and the camaraderie is super cool. If you're a baker and you want to play along, just post your pictures to the Cristin's Cookies Facebook page and on Saturday I will post all the pictures on my blog. I can't wait to show you what everyone has come up with!

My niece is moving away this weekend :( She quit her executive job and will be going to Los Angeles. I wish her much luck and happiness, but I will miss her terribly! She has always been a fun cookie inspiration for me. She comes up with these wild ideas... her latest desire has been a Barbie silhouette. So since she is moving away, I made these just for her party this Saturday. They are animal print cookies in leopard print and zebra print and I added on a black Barbie silhouette.
I started by making a bunch of zebra print cookies:
 and leopard print cookies:
and then I printed out a Barbie silhouette on my computer:
and I put wax paper over the printed paper and I used that as a guide to "draw" with icing on top of the paper:
I let them sit overnight to fully dry and then I used a spatula to VERY carefully lift them off the wax paper:
I added icing onto the back of the royal icing transfer to stick it onto my cookie:
I think they came out pretty fun and I know Nicole will be excited.
Some things I would do differently next time... ice the whole cookie and put the royal icing transfer on right away. THEN add the animal print detail. I like that these look very 3-D because there are so many layers, but it made it a bit more difficult. I also like that they won't bleed because I let each step fully dry, but it would be interesting to try it all at once too and have it be a smooth surface.
I can't wait to see what Nicole thinks of these, but I'm really sad to see her go too.
We'll miss you Nicole!
I also bought this awesome Barbie silhouette clipart from Paper Party Creations Etsy shop for when I bag the cookies later today.
I can't wait to see the animal print cookies everyone has been baking!


  1. Love them I am a big fan of zebra print and Barbie has been a part of my life as long as I can remember!!!

  2. Cristin --- these cookies are amazing! You really nailed the animal prints!!

  3. I can imagine how you will miss your niece but I can also imagine how excited she is to start this new phase of her life in Los Angeles!

    Your Barbie cookies are wonderful, lots of detail in the animal prints.

  4. Thank you ladies! You've made my day! I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment!

  5. OMG! I love the designs on top of the cookies. Just a mere sight of them I could say it is so delicious. What a very artistic baker.Wow.


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