Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cristin's COOKIE CHALLENGE 2 Animal Print Cookies

For our 2nd COOKIE CHALLENGE, we all made Animal Print cookies! Thanks to everyone that played along! I just love it when we all play together and share our creations with each other during a cookie challenge.

These were my zeba print & leopard print in various pinks, browns and black.
SugarBelle created a wonderful tutorial for us on how to create animal print cookies. If you haven't seen it yet, you have to check it out. She is THE COOKIER and one of my absolute idols. Click on the picture below to link to SugarBelle's tutorial and make your own animal print cookies:
Loren of The Baking Sheet shared these beautiful zebra print cookies:
Ka'ala of SugarHI Creations created these really fun pink & green giraffe cookies to match the apron her mother gave her as a gift. Love these with my FAVORITE colors! Please note that I had the wrong link in the previous post. Sorry Ka'ala! Thanks for catching my error. 
Christel Olsson Murdock made these fantastic leopard print cookies using SugarBelle's tutorial:
Julie of Sweet Cakes made these awesome zebra print cookies. I love how the Pink H stands out so well against the zebra print:
Krista from Cookies with Character made these beautiful zebra cookies. I love how the blue stands out against the zebra print and the detail of the 5:
Alyse from B.E. Sweet Treats made these awesome zebra print bathing suits. She always has so many cute designs:
My friend, Donna Bailey, made these beautiful cookies for her daughter. Don't you just love that gorgeous zebra print shoe and look how happy her daughter is!
Samantha of Flour-De-Lis made these awesome zebra print cookies with adorable animals in the background:
Brandi of Joyful Cookies made this gorgeous zebra print cookies. My niece would flip out over these!
Laura of The Cookie Lady made these beautiful pink and zebra print cookies for a 1st birthday:
And look at these INCREDIBLE cookies from Liz at Arty McGoo! How did she even do these? Wow!
Liz from CookiesToGo made this adorable cow cookie which certainly counts as an animal print cookie! I just love this!
My friend, Kara of Cookies in the Cupboard, made these beautiful pink animal print cookies. Look at all the different designs! I see leopard, giraffe, zebra and cow prints!
Paula of Sugar Co made these wonderful animal print cookies:
Andrea Mitsdarffer Garner made these awesome 40th zebra cookies:
Cheryl of The Sugared Apron made these awesome giraffe cookies! Aren't these just incredible! I LOVE these!
Kara from Cookies in the Cupboard also made these fun animal cookies that would be perfect for Cub Scouts:
Since my niece is a Barbie fan, I added a Barbie silhouette to my animal print cookies for a party we are having for her today.
For those that want to get to know our cookiers a little better, I created this spreadsheet of all the cookie bakers that I idolize (108 so far). You can use the sheet to find their Facebook pages and become a fan. It also includes their name (where available) so that we comment on their posts a bit more personalized. Click on the picture below to download a copy for your use. If you are a cookier and you're not on the list and want to be, just let me know if I've left anyone off.

Thanks again to everyone that played along in our 2nd COOKIE CHALLENGE! My mind is already swirling with ideas for our next cookie challenge! Stay tuned...


  1. Thank you so much Cristin for such a fun party! Such a gracious hostess and I love what you've done with the place :D coordinating animal print background! You are too cute. so fun to see all this talent. Can't wait for the next get together!

  2. Everyone did such a great job! This is such a wonderful idea Cristin- I have found so many new cookie crushes through your challenges! And your Barbie cookies are gorgeous!!! -Stephanie

  3. Loved looking at all the animal print cookies! Thanks for the challenges, Cristin!

  4. I knew I wasn't gonna get to do the challenge this time, but I was excited to see what everyone else came up with. All the cookies look great!!

  5. Hi Cristin! Mahalo for including my giraffe cookies!! My mom happy was to see them and the apron on your blog :) I cant wait for more challenges to come! I just noticed though that the link here links up to a different FB page than ours. Ours is!/sugarhicreationsmaui Thanks again!! ~Ka'ala

  6. So much wonderful and diverse talent in one post! Thanks for sharing.

  7. @sugarHI creationsKa'ala thank you so much for catching my error and I'm so sorry to have had the wrong link! I've made the change above. I'm sorry! Cristin

  8. Cristin! No problem!! Thanks for fixing it though :) And I forgot to mention in my last comment that I LOVE LOVE YOUR animal prints. The colors are great...and adding the barbie...amazing!! ~Ka'ala

  9. I was just doing some research and came across this post! Too fun! Thank you for sharing!

    Also, I was so thrilled to see your list of cookiers! And then when I saw that my name was on it, I was so excited that I almost peed my pants! ;^) I feel so real and grown up now!

    Thank you friend!

    (I am about 3 days and 11 dozen cookies away from posting about my experiment with glaze that I asked you about more than a month ago! I will be sure to copy you so you can see my creations! I was so happy how they turned out.)

    Thank you!


    Sarah's Sweet Shoppe

    1. You're adorable Sarah. I laughed so hard at your comment of being excited to be on my list of my favorite cookiers and almost peeing your pants. Too cute! I'm excited to hear about your glaze experiment!


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