Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heart Cookies For A Friend

My friend, Jean, asked if I would make cookies for her friend. She wanted a simple white heart with the word Friend on it. I decided to add sanding sugar around the heart to decorate it a bit more and I picked a really pretty font to write Friend on each cookie. I sized the font to about 3" and then I put it in my Kopykake to project the image onto the cookie for me to trace. I write really well, but it never seems to transfer onto the cookies as I would write on paper, so my Kopykake projector works perfectly for that use. I was really happy with how the writing came out. For those that have sent me messages asking, I used a #1 tip and I used Royal Icing for the writing. All the rest of the cookie is in a glaze icing except for the word Friend. I also decided to make a few small hearts with dots to go with the Friend heart cookies.
They made a nice gift.
I went on a fantastic bike ride today. 53 miles long and my friend and I pushed it as hard as we could just because I wanted my Garmin stats to show a fast pace. With about 7 miles left til I got back home, I checked the data and it said 46 miles with an average speed of 16.3 and a top speed of 42. I was excited to load the data up to my computer as soon as I got home. Still sweaty and desperate for a shower, I sat down at my computer to load the Garmin stats. 

Unfortunately my Garmin and I are not friends today. My Garmin says that I did NOT go for a bike ride today! I was so upset that I could cry! My legs are on fire from pushing fast and hard against the wind, but I have no data to load. Bummer huh. After each work-out, I load my data up to Garmin Connect and also to a company called Plus 3. On Plus 3, money is donated to the charity of my choice for EVERY work-out I do. Well, only if my Garmin has decided we did indeed work-out.... I can still hand-enter my stats for my charity, but it's only half the amount it would be if Garmin loaded it for me. 

Tomorrow when I feel better about it, I will come to the conclusion that God is telling me that the numbers don't matter or sharing my stats with my other cycling friends, it really doesn't matter. Today, however, I'm just bummed out. 


  1. I didn't realize you would have money donated from just entering your Garmin stats! :( That really is a bummer that it didn't work today.

    Your Friend cookies came out super cute!! :)

  2. The heart cookies are very pretty. I'm sorry that you had such a good bike ride today but that the Garmin didn't capture the stats for you (and your organization) I think if I worked as hard as you do on and off that bike I'd be pretty bummed to. Hope the rest of the week picks up for you Cristin.

  3. @The Vanilla Bean Baker Thanks Paula and Kara. It's so cute that you understand my sadness (or at least being bummed) that my stats didn't come through. Oh well, it's a chance to do it again :-) Thanks for all the kind comments!


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