Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lemonade Cookies

Last night I made Lemonade Cookies for my In-Laws. For my birthday, they bought me a lemonade cookie cutter from eCrandal that I've had on my wish list for quite a while. So I was pretty excited to make them some lemonade cookies. I even added lemon extract to the icing which made them super yummy!
This was the new lemonade cookie cutter. For those of you that ship cookies, this would probably not hold up very well with the thin straw and the somewhat thin stem of the glass both being appendages that would likely break off in shipping. They are great for a family cookie though.
I also made these lemonade glasses out of a soda glass cookie cutter that I have.
and Pitchers of Sparkly Lemonade
I used my clip-art from Maree Truelove to draw this Lemonade Stand:
and Lemon Slices:
 and Lemon Wedges:
 and Lemons, yes they are really footballs ;-):
Hubby will like this set because there is quite a bit of sanding sugar on almost all of them. I hope you're baking something delicious and enjoying it! I'm off for a bike ride.

I bought the clip-art to make these cute cookie bags from MareeTruelove's Etsy Shop. Click on the picture below to go to her shop and get the clipart for you too.


  1. Such a nice gift to receive from your in-laws. I'm sure they loved all their cookies. The lemonade stand you did is adorable.

  2. @The Vanilla Bean Baker Thank you so much Paula! You're always such a sweetie!

  3. Cristin, I can't get over how dang cute you are! Whenever I stop in for a visit here at your place you've redecorated, and this time it's lemons to match your newest genius cookie design. These are beyond cute and they make my mouth water! Love the whole collection.

  4. @Liz @ Arty McGoo Aww thanks so much Liz! That means so much coming from you! I really appreciate your kind comments! You made my day!


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