Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday Cookies for Hubby's 50th

As you know, we celebrated hubby's 50th birthday this last weekend and I made A LOT of cookies. I know you think you've seen them all, but you would be very mistaken ;-) You saw the baseball theme cookies that I made for his special day. Here are the birthday theme cookies along with a couple of 50's and of course an Over The Hill and one of his beloved truck too. And you get to see the cake I made too...

The 50 platter
50's cookies 
 Birthday Cake cookies 
 Birthday Cupcake cookies 
 Birthday Party Hat cookies 
 Birthday Present cookies 
 DAD cookies 
 Over The Hill Tombstone cookies 
Balloon cookies 
 Hubby's beloved white Chevy truck
and since he's such a super man, I made him a SUPERMAN cake :-)
and some yummy caramel cupcakes too

Believe it or not, there are a couple more themes of hubby's birthday cookies coming...


  1. You crazy cookier! I can't believe all these amazing cookies you created. That must have been some party and hubby must have felt so special. Great job!

  2. They are all wonderful and that cake is amazing but girl, you are making me tired just thinking about all the baking and decorating you did! Thank goodness your husband only has one birthday a year!

  3. I am sure your husband was happy to get all the wonderful desserts you baked for him. The cookies are so cute and the superman cake is cool!!

  4. Thanks ladies! And Paula - yes I'm thankful hubby only has a birthday once a year too ;-)


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