Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Money Cookies for Hubby's Birthday

Well you've seen the baseball theme cookies and the birthday party theme cookies for hubby, but have you seen the money cookies? Like I told you, I made lots of my hubby's favorite things for his birthday. One of the things he spends a lot of time on is working really hard for his family and saving money and learning about investing and saving for retirement. We have a son looking at colleges now, so you can bet that money is a concern! A lot of these cookie tags have little quotes about saving money. Thankfully hubby and I are both careful with money and not shoppers. We buy what we need. I don't buy expensive shoes, but I will buy tires for my bicycle and lots of cookie cutters ;-)

So here are the money cookies that I made for hubby's birthday.
 I also made these kids saving money from a clipart package that I bought.
 Here are the boys saving their pennies
 and the girls with their piggy banks
 I bought this fun cookie cutter from I had it on my wish list for a long time and then when I realized how perfect it would be for hubby's birthday cookies, I had to get it. Cute huh! And it's a nice large cookie cutter too.
 This cookie cutter was also on my wish list, but my in-laws (best people you could EVER meet) bought me this one for my birthday, so it was just perfect for hubby's birthday and the money cookies I had planned for his birthday. This cookie cutter was from eCrandal.
Dollar Signs
I made these dollars using clip-art from J.W. Illustrations and then I hand-drew it using my projector.
This coin was also from clip-art that I purchased.
This alarm clock cookie cutter I had purchased to make for my son's first job this past summer and never got a chance to make them. I'm glad I finally did as I think they are really fun. 
and of course some neckties for hubby
and these Arrow's too.
Those are the money cookies. Would you believe there is still at least one more theme to hubby's cookies? Lucky man, huh ;-)


  1. No, I can't believe that there is one more theme to this party. So much time and effort, not only in baking and decorating but in all the tags too. He'll be celebrating for a month I'm sure.

  2. I love looking at the design you come up with!! Great cookies Cristin!!!

  3. He may celebrate for a month but he'll have to do it without cookies - I think my sister and I took all the 'extras' after the party! No one can pass up a tasty treat from Cristin's Cookies!! *DELISH*

  4. @gardenofedens ha ha, you haven't seen hubby's stash of extra cookies that he is hiding in the freezer!!!


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