Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Your Man A Handyman?

Is your man a handyman? My man is not a conventional handyman that builds stuff, fixes stuff, uses a lot of tools. He is however, my kind of handyman! Nothing gets left undone in our household. What we can't do ourselves, hubby hires someone to take care of. He's not the kind of man that needs honey-do lists or nagging, he is ON IT. So for hubby's birthday, in addition to the baseball theme cookies and the birthday theme cookies and the money theme cookies, I also made him handyman cookies.
 Plier I think, I'm not a handyman either ;-)
 Lots of Handyman tools. I was hoping to make these for Father's Day and didn't get a chance, so it was fun to make them for hubby's birthday.
Would you believe we have just one more theme of hubby's birthday cookies?! I also made lots of fun cookies this week to share with you too.

A bunch of my friends are doing the Furnace Creek 508 this weekend. 508 miles of cycling with over 35,000 feet of climbing and all within 48 hours! WOW! I can't wait to hear about their adventure!

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