Friday, October 21, 2011

More Halloween Cookies and another FREE Printable

I tried to find a spooky blog background for today's post, but the bats were as scary as I could find. For those of you that read my blog updates via email, you miss out on seeing the change of blog backgrounds with every post. All you have to do is click on the link in your email and it will bring you to the actual blog rather than reading the post in email. Your choice, but yesterday's witch legs background was pretty darn cute ;-) So today I did spooky cookies. I also want to give a shout-out to Georganne at LilaLoa. These cookies were all done in CHOCOLATE cookie dough. Those of you that know me, know I am not a chocolate fan, but my kids are. My son says they taste like a delicious tootsie roll. My daughter hasn't been over yet to try them, but I can promise you she will love them. Okay... I even have been eating one of the cookies the last couple days. They really are good! Check out LilaLoa's blog for her recipe.
 Haunted House
 While visiting colleges last week, I really didn't like one specific city, but we went walking around the city and found a Sur La Table (my mom's favorite store) and I found these great cookie cutters. Okay I like that city a little bit more now.
 These were supposed to be Zombies, but when I looked up zombie images to get inspired, they were all bloody and icky and girls with pink hair and live in a rose colored world, really don't do zombies. So I made them into mummies instead. I was tempted to put pink on his cheeks, but I knew you'd laugh so I showed restraint.
 Can you guess what cookie cutter the middle mummy is made from? Yep a simple gingerbread boy. Go make him now....
 And Dracula. I think next time I will make Sugarbelle's cuter Dracula's (can't seem to find that right now, I think she did them as a guest post on someone else's blog). At least I got to try out my new cookie cutter. Sorry no blood dripping from his mouth, but at least I again restrained from putting pink on his cheeks ;-)
 Skulls with crossbones. Yep, I had to make a pink one. Sorry.
 And one lonely coffin for the full halloween effect.
 Since I'm not a big chocolate fan, I used two of LilaLoa's chocolate cookies and put my favorite butterfinger ice cream in the middle. Um yaaa... heaven! Nick had one with mint cookie ice cream in the middle of two chocolate cookies, but he ate it so fast, I couldn't get a photo :-)
 And here's your free printable to match the cookies for today. 
and I just realized that yesteday's witch printable wasn't linked to Sorry! You people have to tell me when I mess up! Here's that one for those missed it yesterday and I also fixed it on yesterday's post.
and the previous day of halloween cookie tag printables too just in case you missed it:
Tomorrow we have more halloween cookies and another printable to match the cookies too. Stay tuned.


  1. I actually JUST figured out that you change your background all the time! I love it! And I know I said that the Frakensteins were my favorite...but I changed my mind. Those Haunted Houses are FANTASTIC! I love the fun turrets and the dots around the windows!

  2. Yeah Sur La Table! My favorite store too!(I'm a floor lead at one of our Colorado stores). I got these too! LOVE the way you've done them!!!! Very creative!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    -Rachael M.

  3. Love LilaLoa's work and yours too. These cookies are just too much fun and if they taste like a tootsie roll all the better.
    Your printables are adorable too and so are you for sharing.


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