Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wow MORE Halloween Cookies and Yes Another Free Printable for Halloween

Last night we went to a wedding for friends. It was gorgeous. The couple looked so happy. The groom cried - twice. He got choked up when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. He shed a few tears during the ceremony and then he cried during the mother/son dance during the reception. Why is it that men don't show these emotions more often? I soaked it all up. I cried when he cried. I thought he was about the coolest guy ever. I just love that stuff when a man can show he's a true man and actually does have emotions. Love it. Wish more men would get a clue about this. It was a 3-hour drive to the wedding and another almost 3-hour drive back home. I'm tired and slept late, missing the chance to join the club bike ride today, but it was worth it. Today I'm showing you the last of my halloween cookies. I had many more thoughts of halloween cookies rambling in my head that I wanted to make, but I ran out of time and cookie dough. 
 Halloween Trick or Treaters. I love these. The cookie cutter is from and Susan of The Painted Cookie gave the cute idea of how to decorate them. I added the wording trick or treat to personalize them as my own and added a couple of eye lashes to the one with pink pants because you know, even girls can be spooky ghosts ;-)
 Caramel Apples are just perfect for halloween. Nick likes the one on the left with tons of sprinkles. I like the one on the right with less sprinkles because you can see the gooey looking "caramel". I added a nice big popsicle stick to these big apples and of course matching cookie tags.
 I was really surprised that no one came up with this idea yet for halloween cookies. I love watching the cookies posted by my other cookier friends and getting inspired by their incredible ideas, but haven't seen this idea come through yet. I made these pumpkin candy holders (remember from when you were a kid?) out of simple circles. 
 This idea came from the incredible SugarBelle. She made a whole tutorial for us on how to make these fangs and scary lips. I added outlining to them to personalize them a bit and thought it made them look extra creepy. 
 I found the bamboo sticks that Sugarbelle recommended on Amazon. She recommended breaking off the sharp tip, but I don't seem to have her strength because I couldn't get the darn tip off and since she has little ones and has that concern, I couldn't imagine my 17-year old playing swords with his cookie stick ;-) I used Royal Icing to hold the bamboo stick in place on the cookie nice and tightly.
 Even at 17-years old, I can get my little cutie to hold up a cookie stick face ;-) Amazing what cookie bribery will do!!!
 and then just to enforce his testosterone, here he is attempting to look very scary and creepy. Yaaa right Nick we believe you're a big scary monster, hmmm....
 Scared black cats for halloween
 and lastly I made a couple of push pop cookies using candy corn colors.
 and as promised here is your free printable for today with cookie tags matching the cookies above. There is an extra "wolfie" as the last tag for Susan of The Painted Cookie because she made these super cool wolfie cookies this year for Halloween. I have to buy that cookie cutter for next year. Those were cool. Just click on the picture below and it will take you to where I store all the cookie tags that I share with you. Then you can download your own copy, personalize it if you wish and print them out. Cut and attach to your own cookie bags for halloween. Enjoy!
Did you get all the cookie tags for halloween? There are more on yesterday's post. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the cookies! Where did you find the push pop containers?

  2. You son is awesome to let you take his picture with the fang cookies and they are big cookies! Another great and colourful collection. I really don't know where you find the time to bake all that you do Cristin.

  3. @AnneAnne I found the push pop containers on I love them!

  4. @PaulaThanks Paula. He's a good boy. Even at 17, he's still a total sweetie. I adore him immensely. All my kids are incredibly loving and wonderful. I couldn't be more blessed!

  5. These are very cool! I really want to try the push up cookie pops. I'm glad someone asked where you get the push up containers from because I really want to try them. Do you remember which Esty shop you purchased them from?

    Carsedra of:

  6. @CarsedraUnfortunately it looks like the shop that I purchased them from is no longer available. I did push-pop cookies for Independence Day cookies and added a link of where you could buy them: but when I just clicked on that link, it says it is no longer available. If you do a search on Etsy for push pop containers, several other sellers come up though...


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