Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Personalized Witch Clip-Art

I don't have any new cookies today although when my son gets home from school, I'm going to bribe him with a cookie to see if he will help me make a video for y'all. Getting back to the basics will be the theme this week. In the meantime, I wanted to show you my new PERSONALIZED clip-art that I bought from Maree TrueLove. If you email her at: you can buy your own personalized witch too!

Do you love it? I'm SO excited about my new witch...!!! I added the cookie and also the name on her hat, but Maree did the rest - even the pink hair!

I hope you're all baking cookies and enjoying your day. We had a crazy busy weekend and I'm trying to get caught up on a few things before making some cookies tonight. By the way... my son hit the send button on all his college applications last night! How exciting is that!

As of this afternoon: First bike ride in about 5 weeks! Now that college stuff is done, hopefully I'll be able to fit in a little "me" time now and then. Sightings today: dead tarantula, LIVE snake, poison oak and a motorcyclist that looped me and on the 2nd time around, while I was climbing at 17% grade, he waved to me. Kindness makes everything, even climbing, easier :-)

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  1. Your personalized cookie clip art is adorable. Glad you got out for a bike ride but the dead tarantula and the live snake would have creeped me out.


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