Monday, October 31, 2011

Spiders and Halloween

Today is Halloween! Do you love the creepy spider blog background today? Me too, even though I HATE spiders. I don't know what I'm going to do when Nick goes away to college and I lose my spider killer! I haven't even gone to buy candy yet. After an insanely busy volunteering weekend, I'm trying to get somewhat caught up on things. I will be ready in time for the cute little goblins to arrive this evening. I will, I will... Do you know Sue from Munchkin Munchies? I haven't met her yet, but I consider her a friend through our online baking connections. She is a California gal like me and she made these really cool spiders for Halloween using her candy cookie cutter, so I followed along. Thanks for the great idea and inspiration Sue!
 Maree Truelove made me this awesome personalized clipart character for Halloween and I attempted to make her into a cookie.
I wasn't too happy with the witch face. She is so beautiful on Maree's clipart, but it was difficult to get the detail on a cookie, but I was glad I tried and will try again.
 I also made some more ghost trick or treaters. I'm very happy with these. I made the eye holes a little bigger than I did the last time which helped to not get air bubbles around the eyes. This adorable design is from Susan at The Painted Cookie. I love the matching clipart that I found for it too.
 I also made a few more witch heads. I think these are really fun. I wish glaze icing would stand up more for her curly hair, but it's fun anyway.
 Here's the latest collection and I'm officially done with Halloween cookies. I have a big desire to make more pumpkins now that Sugarbelle gave great ideas on how to make definition between the sections of the pumpkins, but it's time to move onto Fall cookies. 
Up next are leaves, acorns and squirrels. I also have more cookie cutters coming from and too so I can make more Thanksgiving theme cookies too. Excited....


  1. Holy cow woman, you're a cookie ninja this Halloween! Love all the cookies but my fav is your witch!

  2. @Karen - Trilogy EdiblesThank you SO much Karen! I was self-conscious of the witch because I'm not happy with how her face turned out. There was too much detail to try to copy. Thanks for your kind comments!


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