Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Boy Cookies

I haven't had an opportunity to make baby shower cookies for a friend in a long time. I've bought a TON of new baby shower cookie cutters though. I had a chance to make baby shower cookies for a friend. Her daughter is having a baby boy named Connor and next week I have another friend that I get to make baby girl cookies for! So here are both baby boy and baby girl cookies. As usual I made quite a variety :-) Which one is your favorite? 
and baby girl cookies too
This one is my personal favorite. The peek-a-boo baby cutter is from I gave them pink rosy cheeks and a tiny bit of hair. My 17-year old son saw these and he said he missed his feety pajamas, awww ;-)
and baby strollers. This is a nice large cutter from They stretched it bigger for me because they are so nice!
I looked everywhere for a rattle with a big bow. I had a very specific one in mind that I wanted. I was glad to finally find one. This one is from Kitchen Collectibles.
and a nice large pacifier. I love the sanding sugar on the sucky part!
and an adorable baby face. I have another idea of decorating them too that I will try next week. Love that I finally figured out how to do the rosy cheeks! Hint: Luster dust and q-tip...
Baby Bottles. This is a large cutter from Old River Road on
I love this present cookie cutter and use it for almost every event!
Baby onesie. I LOVE the stripes!
Stork bringing in the baby
Pregnant mom with umbrella. Super cute huh! I have another idea on decorating her that I will try too. Love this one.
Mom word
Rubber ducky, you're the one...
Baby bibs
Baby blocks. I decided I liked the letters outlined and not filled in.
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears - cuddly huh!
Okay and that's it for the baby shower cookie parade. So which one is your favorite? Have a great weekend everyone!  Next up Thanksgiving cookies... 


  1. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite. They are all so cute. But I think I like the prego mama with the umbrella. That is a great cookie cutter!

    Nicely done!!

  2. These are adorable Cristin! My favorite is the pregnant woman with the umbrella. Great job.

  3. Love your blog background with this post. I adore all the cookies you make but those peek-a-boo babies are my favourite.


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