Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Thanksgiving Cookies

I wanted to make scarecrow cookies for Thanksgiving. I thought I could make a scarecrow out of a clown, but it turned out that my specific clown cookie cutter wouldn't work as a scarecrow. Imagine Bozo hair and you might be able to see that it just wasn't going to work. Okay, so I ordered a new cookie cutter that I knew would work, but now it was getting very close to Thanksgiving and I figured it wouldn't arrive in time. I was right. Then an idea came to me...
I have that great turkey head cookie cutter that I absolutely love from Why not try to make it into a scarecrow too and double love it! I followed SugarBelle's tutorial for the face of the scarecrow. I used coral luster dust for his cheeks. I tried different colors of straw, but decided I liked the gold best. Thankfully it worked like a charm and my obsession for a scarecrow cookie is filled now ;-) 
I also had been wanting to add maize corn to my Thanksgiving to do list and finally got a chance to make those. This corn cutter was one of my favorites this year for Thanksgiving.
I also added a little more detail to my pumpkin pie cookies. This was a brand new cutter for me for Thanksgiving and I absolutely love it. This one is from
Turkey heads following the decorating suggestion on site from Susan at The Painted Cookie.
 Turkeys made from a seashell. I just love this one and how brightly colored he is.
 More turkeys because of course you have to have 3 styles of turkeys right? ;-)
 Leaves - my friend, Vic, asked me to make burgundy leaves so these are mostly burgundy with lots of other colors swirled within the leaf
 Pumpkin - yes it's huge, I like big cookies
Pilgrim hat made from my cowboy hat cookie cutter 
 and a cherry pie too
My friend, Al Bacosa of Bacosa Photography took this amazing photo of my son yesterday. I told him that he recently finished his Eagle Scout project and every time I try to get a photo of him in his scout uniform, it comes out horrible. Look what he did for us. I'm so blessed! If you need a photographer in the San Jose area, you can't go wrong with Al. He is amazing!


  1. Wonderful photo of your son! He looks so proud. Your cookies for Thanksgiving are all super but the scarecrow cookies are my favourite. Great idea to use the turkey head cutter.

  2. Adorable as always! Happy Thanksgiving Cristin!!


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