Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mustache for Movember

My son and all his friends grew a mustache this month for Movember. So I joined in by making cookies - surprised? An opportunity to make cookies - I'm on it! ;-) These cookie cutters came from The box comes with 5 different styles of mustache cookie cutters.
Since my son is light-haired, his mustache didn't show up very well, so I helped him out by putting a stick in the cookies so these could be his official mustache ;-)

What is Movember all about? Movember Meaning: November is the Movember month. During Movember each year, thousands of men in the US and around the world grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically about prostate Cancer and about other Cancers that affect men. So what is Movember all about? It's an opportunity for everyone to help raise awareness and donations for charities that support the fight against Cancer. Since I lost my father to Cancer, our family has supported the LiveStrong foundation through the LiveStrong Challenge every year: Lance Armstrong Foundation.

And yes, I even got involved just a bit too!

I hope you all had a BLESSED Thanksgiving. We have been truly blessed. We've been holding out hope that Nick would receive a merit scholarship to one of his top college choices. He received the acceptance letter a couple weeks ago, but without a merit scholarship, we would have had to tell Nick that we can't afford for him to go there. The scholarship arrived yesterday!!! It is so exciting to see all the years of hard work, staying focused on grades, community service, 10 years in scouting, 11 years in karate and other extracurricular activities has paid off in helping Nick to become the young man that he was meant to be. God is GOOD! 

Next up baby shower cookies for a baby girl coming...


  1. Way to Gro! Hope you like my new youtube music video -Grow a Muzzy in Movember -

  2. So nice that you son and all his friends got involved with this and of course you did too, with cookies and a new look!
    Congratulations to your son for being awarded that scholarship. That is awesome!


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