Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turtle Cookies

I'm baaack. My computer went down last Thursday and I've been without connection to blog, email, facebook, the internet. My email box showed me that I had 270 emails in my box, but wouldn't let me access them. How frustrating is that?! I ran a virus scan and found no viruses. After trying everything I could think of, I finally gave in and reformatted my whole computer after transferring every picture, document, and music files to an external hard drive. It fixed NOTHING! I had to try to get my teenage son to let me borrow his computer - IF he was ever not using it, which of course meant I was out of luck. Then it happened... Nick's computer went down too. Sigh of relief. This meant it was not me. Thankfully Nick put his Engineering skills to work and figured out that it was the router. He reset the router to original factory settings and manipulated it somehow and we were both up and running. 

Since I already lost all my programs, I decided it was finally the opportunity to break free of Windows Vista and I went and bought Windows 7. I'm still reloading all my programs that I use and transferring all my documents, pictures and everything back to my computer, but it feels like spring cleaning and it's all good. In the meantime, I made these turtle cookies just because I wanted to. I had this picture in my mind of turtles with pink shells and finally had a chance to play with them.

Are you making FALL cookies for our Fall Cookie Challenge this week? It ends on Friday. All you have to do is post pictures on your Facebook wall and tag me or send me an email with your cookie photos. I will add them all to my blog on Friday for all to see. Come play along! Full details of the Fall Cookie Challenge here.


  1. First let me welcome you to Windows 7.....I've been using it for sometime now and I don't miss Vista at all. Now getting my husband into Windows 7 that's another story.

    Glad your back and the cookies are beautiful. You don't lack talent that is for sure. I do have a question for you. The labels for the cookie packets that you share, and yes I have been using them, everyone thinks I am so talented...I do confess that they are created by a blogger I follow. But back to the question, what program are you using to create them? I'm guessing you are using some clip art as well.

  2. @Kewl Granny of SixHi Kewl Granny! I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the cookie tags. I used to make all my cookie tags on Scrapbook Factory 5, but my OCD brain didn't like that the boxes could be off by a sliver so now I'm using Microsoft Excel so that they can be very specific. The negative with going to Excel is that in Scrapbook Factory, I could save it as a picture file very easily to share. In Excel, I have to take the document that I use and convert it to pdf to be able to share it and then I scan it to get a jpg image to put on my site. Since the pdf version prints much prettier, I try to remember to use that one to upload to box.net for others to utilize. My personal version, is just a simple Excel file. Does the pdf version work for you? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them for others to utilize? I purchase clipart from several places on etsy.com. Maree Truelove has allowed me to share the cookie tags with her clipart for others to use too.

  3. I wondered if it wasn't as simple as Excel and clip art. They work very well for me, a bit short across the top of the bag but I just scrunch up the bag a bit and they look beautiful. I've followed your link to Maree Trueloves clip art and she has some fabulous stuff I may have to dip into some of it since I make my own gift tags for Christmas. Up to this point I have used scrapbook paper punches and rubber stamps but I can see clip art gift tags in my immediate future. Again thanks for sharing.

  4. @Kewl Granny of Six Hi Kewl Granny, yes, if I use the larger bags 6" across, then there is still bag on either side instead of tag. I thought of making different size tags, but it's such a waste of ink cartridge which is so incredibly expensive, so I've kept the cookie tags to one size and I don't mind seeing some bag on the sides. I have bags in 3, 4, 5, and 6" sizes that I use depending on the width of the cookie and just fold down my bag to where the cookie is and then fold the tag over the top and staple. It works well for my use. My son likes the ribbon closed bags because it's easier to get to the cookie, but I love the personalization that the tags allow.


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