Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve - Cookies For Santa

It is Christmas Eve! Santa Claus comes tonight! Are the kids excited? My kids are 27, 25 and our youngest is 17 so we don't have all the secrets of Santa anymore, but we're still pretty excited at my house. It is actually our last "official" family Christmas in my home. My daughter got married last summer so she will be starting her own Christmas traditions and my youngest will be going off to college in just a few months. I'd like to say we're going out with a bang, but it's actually going to be a small, simple Christmas. The key is that it will be filled with love, joy and fun and that is what is important.

Did you make cookies for Santa? This is what will be waiting for Santa at my house tonight. As you can see I ran out milk, but I'll be sending the youngest out for a quick run to get milk for Santa :-)

Every year we have a Christmas Eve tradition. Everyone in the family gets to open ONE present and it's always a pair of pajamas to wear for Christmas. The girls match (me and my daughter) and the boys match (hubby and son and now my daughter's husband too). This is the last year we'll be doing this tradition, but we've really enjoyed it all these years. What are some of your family Christmas traditions?

I hope you get everything on your wish list and enjoy a blessed holiday with family and friends and remember the reason for the season. Thank you Lord for our health, my children, my husband, my parents and the incredible people I am thankful to call my friends. Merry Christmas everyone! 

P.S. I woke up to this email today. Do you guys know how much I'm so touched by your kind words? I feel so blessed. Thank you so very much. My heart is so full.

I LOVE your cookies. I love cookie decorating and you give me great ideas. I just wish I was as talented as you. Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Santa will be delighted with your lovely cookies. Hope he brings you everything you are wishing for.

  2. We have had the pj tradition every year since my children were born. My mother would buy them all new pajamas to open Christmas Eve. It's a wonderful tradition that I now do since mom passed. My kids love it. It's something very special that they will remember forever.


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