Sunday, December 25, 2011

Snowglobe Cookies for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It is officially Christmas day, although most won't be awake for several more hours to start this magical day. I made lots and lots of cookies the other day, most of which did not get decorated and are in a tupperware container waiting to get beautiful after Christmas. I did what I could, but my super-woman cape just wasn't able to complete them all ;-) Here's a few of the ones that I did finish in time. I think this one is my favorite of this set:

I hope you all have an amazingly magical Christmas with your families. I can't wait to see my kids faces when they open their gifts. There's one in particular for my youngest. I put his small gift in a box and wrapped it and then put it in a larger box and wrapped it and a larger box and wrapped it... you get the idea. I think that will be super fun to watch ;-) I did this same thing to my daughter's gift a couple years ago too. Yaa I'm that kind of mom, I can't help myself ;-) Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you a blessed day with family and friends. 

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  1. Happy New Year!!!

    WOW Pinkie... You are the Best one!!!
    Thank you for using our cliparts to inspire your WONDERFUL cookies :)


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