Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowman Cookies

Today I have snowman cookies for you and still more Christmas cookies coming. Here is a variety of the snowmen.
 These large snowmen heads are really fun. You can't see their pink cheeks very well in the photo, but they are darn cute and fun to make!
 This snowman was a new cutter for me this year and I'm really happy with it. So many of the snowmen have weird or difficult hats or not enough room for detail and this one just worked perfectly for me. I'm very happy with him and his sparkly scarf :-)
 This was another new cutter. Next time I make him, I'm going to add stick arms. I think that would be cute on his body. I love the different wintery hat instead of a top hat.
 This is a monstrous cookie cutter. You know I like them BIG, but this was a bit much. This guy is about 8" tall! My son gobbled these up quickly!
 And of course I needed a pink one ;-)
Lots more Christmas cookies to come. I'm having so much fun! I hope you are too.


  1. That a lot of work and a lot of different icing colours to mix but they are all so cute. Love the ones with the *winter hats* too. A nice change-up from the top hats.

  2. Hi Cristin! I'm going to be working on some large snowmen cookies tonight for my son's classmates and thought I'd see how the great Pinkie does it! ;) I love the colors you chose! Do you mind if I use the same sort of design for the hat, scarf, and buttons as your blue and red ones? Then I'm going to personalize them with the children's names. Thank you!

  3. @Kara Absolutely go for it Kara! I'm honored! Thanks for the kind words!


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