Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sock Monkey Cookies for Christmas

Did you know that a lot of people have a sock monkey fetish? Yep, they do. I really like sock monkeys, but my fetish would be more of penguins & polar bears personally. I did, however, really want to make sock monkeys for Christmas. I made some for Independence Day and I felt a strong desire to make them for Christmas too. I just love my Sock Monkey cookie cutter from so I want to use it every chance I get! I still haven't invested in the full body sock monkey, but I'm hoping to one of these days as it is so cute and would be fun to make with these face sock monkeys. SugarBelle made a wonderful tutorial on how to make sock monkeys, so my little heart jumped and I just had to play along!
I tried several different colors of winter hats and of course, had to add just a bit of pink too ;-)
 As you can see, I also tried both a solid hat cuff and a ruffled hat cuff. I also gave my sock monkeys ears.
When hubby and I were on vacation in Palm Beach with his company earlier this year, I saw this ADORABLE sock monkeys in a store window.
and while we were visiting college choices for my son a couple months ago, we saw this sock monkey hiding in a store window
Today I'm working on winter wonderland cookies and I'm SOOO excited about them. Hopefully they'll be ready to share pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas sock monkeys!


  1. The cookies are fun! I love sock monkeys....don't have one but l love them ;)

    p.s. love your background :)

  2. @Paula Thanks Paula! I'm glad you got to see that adorable monkey background. I think most people read from the email link and they will miss out on the fun monkeys, especially since they are only there for a day til I change the background again ;-)


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