Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bundled for Winter Cookies - Mittens on a String & More

You may remember that I made LOTS and LOTS of cookie hats/mittens/scarves/bundled up for winter cookies. I loved them. Then I decided that I really wanted a SET of mittens in a gift bag. Since my cookies are all huge (we like big cookies at my house), this wasn't an option so I found a small mitten cookie cutter and made these. Remember when you were little, growing up in New York with snow and you had those mittens that were held together by yarn? Well I do. Being a California gal now, I don't really see those mittens on a string much, but they are so darn cute, so here's my cookie version.

 I used satin ribbon matching the cookies for each set. Before the cookies were baked, I used a wide straw and made a hole in each mitten cuff to add the ribbon later.
My artist friend at Studio CinCo etsy shop made me matching clip-art for all my tons of hats & mittens! I love them all!

While I was at it, I also made some winter people. I told my daughter of my plan using cookie cutters that are for a completely different purpose and she thought I was silly, but then she sat down and drew it out for me so I could execute my plan. What an awesome girl!

I posted these on Facebook asking everyone what cutter I used. I baffled almost everyone which was SUPER fun. In the end, my step-daughter, Sarah, figured it out! I was so hugely impressed with her and loved that she paid attention to my cookies so closely! Do you know what cutter I used for this one?
Yep, she used to be a beach babe, but she got really cold, so I bundled her up for winter and gave her a snowsuit! :-)
Then I made this one with the same intention of using a cookie cutter and making it into a different design. Do you know which cutter I used for this one? Again I posted it on Facebook. I thought this one would be so easy for everyone and it baffled everyone... except Sarah!
 Yep it used to be popcorn :-)
So here are my winter people bundled all up :-)
Have you entered the Cookie Challenge yet? Make sure to do that as all cookie pictures will be posted by Sunday on my blog for all to see.


  1. Your mitten cookies are absolutely adorable!

  2. I love your mittens on a string cookies...such a sweet idea. Never would have guessed what cutters you used for the winter people...never!


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