Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do Polar Bears Skate? Yes, They Do

I can't even tell you how long I've wanted this polar bear cookie cutter. A really long time for sure. It is from Fancy Flours. They ship super fast and everything comes pretty and they have a great selection and they send me nice little email reminders of their available products. Only problem was that this cookie cutter was insanely expensive. Super crazy expensive. But I still wanted it. I'm good when it comes to money. I'm not a shoe-aholic. I'm not even a clothes shopping-aholic. I don't have fake nails that I have to pay for every couple weeks. I don't even get my hair done since the little $15 cut place down the street works just fine. I have a son going away to college in a few months and where money is concerned, that is the priority. But I do spend money on cookie cutters... and tires for my bicycle. So that brings us back to this crazy expensive cookie cutter. It was on sale FOR ONE DAY. I jumped for joy and bought it. I am now the proud owner of a skating polar bear cookie cutter :-)
 He likes living at my house. He gets to wear lots of different scarves and he loves his super sharp ice skates that are glittery sparkly cool.
 So I gave my new cute polar bear a place to live
 and then I gave him some friends too

I hope y'all have an awesome day today! Don't forget to join in our Cookie Challenge this week! I want to see your favorite cookie of 2011 that you made and what cookie cutter you used to make it. Post your picture on my Cristin's Cookies Facebook page or post it on your page and tag me or if you're not on Facebook, send me an email with your picture and I'll post each person's favorite cookie on my blog by Sunday.


  1. So cute!! You definitely have the happiest polar bears! :)

  2. That's a cute cookie! I wish I had your control with shoes.....but I don't. I have a shoe addiction. There isn't a price I wouldn't pay for a cute pair of shoes. It's a problem....Maybe I should seek therapy, but then that would be money I could spend on shoes and new copper cookie cutters.

  3. The cutter is so cute and your cookies are precious. I just visited Fancy Flours and checked on the price for the wasn't on sale...GASP! LOL

  4. @Paula Yes Paula that one is TRULY a GASP moment when you see the price on that cookie cutter. It's INSANELY expensive for a cookie cutter. I've only seen it on sale that one day and it was about $10-$11 off which still made it twice as expensive as I usually am willing to spend for a cookie cutter! And the darn thing isn't even copper! I don't know why on earth that brand is so expensive other than the extra piece of super sharp tin or whatever it is. I don't see the purpose, but they were smart in making it into an adorable polar bear that I just couldn't seem to live without! ;-) If you sign up for the Fancy Flour emails, you get notification of their sales and also their snail mail catalog too.


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