Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hockey Jerseys (and tutorial) for the Quakes

I made these hockey jerseys for a friend's son on the Quakes hockey team and to celebrate his 8th birthday.
 Here's the picture of their hockey jerseys that I used as my inspiration for the cookies.
 I started with the sweater cookie cutter from and baked 42 cookies.
 Then I traced around my cookie cutter and I drew this design onto the paper. Here's what it looked like as a projected image.
 Then I put that paper into my KopyKake projector and projected the image onto each cookie and drew it out with icing. Now let me tell you, a smarter person would just ice the cookie and then ice the details on top. WAAAY less time. My difficult, perfectionist, crazy mind insisted on each of the cookies being the same and I did it the hard way. I am who I am ;-)
 Here they are with each cookie outlined with the full design.
 I let those dry so the colors wouldn't bleed and the next day, I filled half the jerseys with a black background and half with a white background. I used an icing bag, but then I also used a toothpick to get around the smaller areas to make sure there were no air bubbles or craters in the icing.
 Next I filled in the details with the aqua neckline and middle stripe. I also filled the number and the stripes on both the black jerseys and the white jerseys. 
 Again I used a decorator bag, but also used a toothpick for the smaller areas to make sure there were no air bubbles or craters in the icing.
 Next I added the name Kyler to each jersey to personalize them. 
 Then I got ambitious. I used this image of the Quakes and projected it into my Kopykake projector onto each cookie and drew it with icing.
I was really happy with how these came out. 
 They took more time than I expected, but I really was happy with them.
 Black jersey with details
 White jersey with details
 Birthday boy Kyler in his Quakes jersey
 Look at this photo taken by my friend, Al Bacosa Photography Studio. Amazing.
Here is Kyler's hockey team with their matching jersey cookies. Unfortunately they had just lost this round of their tournament, but hopefully the cookies helped after how hard they had worked in their hockey game. 
 and here's my friend, Cathie, bringing cookies to Kyler's class to celebrate his birthday
 Look at that smile from the birthday boy!
What an honor to be a part of bringing joy to my wonderful friends! 
Congratulations to the Quakes team for getting so far in the hockey tournament too!
Up next... are you ready to see my daughter's cookies for her birthday? Those are up next along with the winner of the Blogiversary give-away! My one year anniversary of cookie blogging is on Monday! If you haven't already entered the amazing give-away hosted by Karen's Cookies, make sure to check it out here and enter! The winner will be announced on Monday!


  1. Love those Cristin! You always make everything look so easy! =)

  2. They may have taken you longer doing it this way, but the finished product is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!! Blessings, Donna B.

  3. The Quakes have really cool hockey jerseys and now they have really cool and delicious cookies of them. Great job Cristin.


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