Friday, January 27, 2012

Secret Revealed - Guess what! I'm going to be a ......

Okay, I know you didn't sleep all night long because you were so excited to see my secret revealed in cookies. Oh wait. That was me up all night. I bet you slept really well! So... guess what! I'm going to be a....
This beautiful girl of mine and her husband decided it's time to turn my pink hair into gray hair ;-) and become a GRANDMA!
 Did you catch the shirt saying? This is how she told us the exciting news! She waited for us to read her shirt!
So I decided to make cookies. Yesterday's cookies were pickles and ice cream to get you ready for the big secret. By the way, Mellissa HATES pickles, but I bet she could put up with some pickle shaped cookies ;-) So then I made a bunch of GRANDMAS.
 Notice they don't have pink hair. What's the deal with that? Yes, my grandchild will have a grandma with pink hair. That part you can be sure of!
 I had too much fun with these grandmas.
 and more grandmas
 Then I made little girls that were packed up to go play at Grandmas house. I don't care AT ALL if it's a boy or a girl, but I made these cute little girls. We'll know more in March...
 Then I made some fun sayings about grandmas
 so true...
 This will be very true of this grandma :-)
 I don't really believe in spoiling to be honest. I think a parents job is to NOT do too much for a child. The most important job we will EVER have is to raise independent, competent, caring, loving, giving children. I'm all for spoiling with lots of love though.
 Ok, so here's where I need your help. What should my grandchild call me? I can tell you right now that he/she can call me chopped liver and I'll come running, but Mellissa wants us to come up with a grandma-type name fitting of me. I need your input. Leave a comment with grandma names to help us find something fitting.
I LOVED all the comments yesterday both on my blog and on my Cristin's Cookies Facebook page. You all touch my heart and always keep me smiling! I appreciate you!

he/she will be special blessing from God and you will somehow have to figure out how to smile wider than you already do! lol Blessings, Donna B.

You have such JOY coming to you that you will be in utter AWE. :) ENJOY, Susie

Hang on to your pink ponytail. Being a grandma will be the ride of your life. Carroll's Cookies

It's the most special and beautiful thing that can happen to a parent! Paula of Vanilla Bean Baker

* I think maybe your daughter Mellissa is gonna make you a Granny...but you seem too young to be a Granny... so we need to find you a way cooler name... mmm I think he or she should call you GranPinkie... yeah... that's is it GranPinkie... or just Pinkie! Kim of The Cookie Puzzle

Kim is right, I need a name. So what do you think? Help think of some grandma names and share...


  1. congratulations cristin!!! how exciting!!!!

  2. Congratulations Cristin. You will love being a grandma, I know I do. My grandkids all call me grandma so I can't be much help in that area. I shouldn't say all, my youngest sons son calls both my husband and I grandma and grandpa chase(our dog's name is chase) and when he was first talking his dad would always say we're going to chase's house when he would come to visit so the name stuck. Anyways I wanted to share that with you because as much as we would like to decide what we would like to be called it sometimes get taken right out of our hands and develops on it's own

  3. WooooooHooooo! Yay! Congratulations! I hope Melissa has been feeling well. You are going to be a wonderful Grandma no matter what that baby calls you! My dad was joking that his grandkids would call him "doctor" or "sir", so we decided to call him "doctor sir" and see what the kids make of it. So, my kids call him "Sir" and it backfired on my niece and nephew who couldn't say "doctor" and instead call him "kaka". So pick something that say's you, then let that little cuddlebug call you whatever he/she makes of it :) (As long as it isn't another word for poop, lol)

  4. So awesome!! My son calls my mom Grammy... however her name is Tammy so it fits so well! I called mine Meme. Sometimes...the baby will sometimes create their own name for you! Whatever you end up choosing will be perfect! :)

  5. Congratulations!!! I am Mimi to my 8 little grandchildren. I was in the delivery room when my first one, Jordyn, was born almost 9 years ago on 03/03/03! Let me just say, if I could have had grand children first, that's the route I would have gone.....they fill your heart in such as way that there really are no words to express how much happiness they are! I presently have 4 granddaughters and 4 grandsons ( 2 are identical twins). My youngest child who is only 18 and no where near EVER wanting children assures me that that is all I'll ever had, but we'll see in about 10 years. LOL Enjoy every's the greatest!!!!

  6. Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family.

  7. How wonderful! Congratulations from all the way over here in Trinidad and Tobago! In honor of your pink hair here's the cheesiest grandma name you'll probably get... Pinky! Lol! All of the very best wishes and blessings to you, your daughter and son-in-law and their baby to be and your whole family!

  8. @Lynda You're very right Lynda! My father held my daughter for the first time and the first thing he said was "Missa" and Mellissa has been Missa ever since. My son called his 3 grandpas "white papa", "grey papa" and "black papa" based on the color of their hair ;-) My mom is both Nonie & Granna depending on which grandchild she is talking with!

  9. Congrats to both you and Mellissa! How exciting! I wish I could come up with a realy cool name for you, but in the end..your grandbaby will call you what he/she wants to. When my niece was born, my mom wanted to be called Grandma, but my niece got old enough to talk, all she could get out was my mom has been Maga ever since. What ever the little one calles you, I know that he/she will say it with LOVE, cause I know he/she is surrounded with it! Congrats again, Kim

  10. Congratulations, Cristin! How wonderful!!! My oldest son called my mother "Flying Grandma" one time when he was really young because we had to fly to her house to see her and vice-versa. The name stuck and she has happily been called Flying Grandma ever since by both our boys. Maybe you will be called Grandma Cookie or Cookie Grandma or Cookie Grammy or Cookie Gram! Whatever that sweet baby calls you, you will love it and love hearing him/her say it!!

  11. Cristin - Congratulations - that is the best news ever!! I hope your daughter is doing well. I agree with everyone here - they will find a way to call you something unique - I don't think you even have to worry too much about that. Enjoy every minute of it!!!! You will be an incredible grandmother!!!

  12. Oh, Cristin! You are gonna love being a grandma! I know I do...My munchkins all call me grandma:). Your grandbaby is going to have loads of fun with you, I can tell! Congrats!!!

  13. Oh Cristin! I'm so happy for you and your family, congratulations to all of you. All of us who are blessed with grandchildren can tell you how magical it is but we can never truly express what a blessing they are in our lives. When your grandchild is born and you hold it for the first time you will know in that moment everything that we feel. All the best to your daughter and her husband for a wonderful pregnancy :)

  14. Yay!!! Congratulations. Being grandparents is definately one of the greatest blessings in life. You will love it. And whatever they decide to call you, you will cherish.

  15. I vote for Cookie! Super cute and so perfectly fitting! :-)

    Thank you all for the well wishes - baby and I are doing well and looking forward to our next ultrasound 2/22!

  16. Ahhhh congratulations Cristin, you will l.o.v.e. being a Grandma!!! trust me I know :) ---
    Well, let me share...I have 3 grandbabies and the youngest can not say grandma so he calls me 'Gamma' so ever since then I am Gamma for all of them, lol.

  17. Congratulations, what wonderful news!!!
    I can only imagine how much fun your grandchild is going to have with you.
    Maybe he/she will call you cookie grandma ;-)


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