Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Shoppe Party - Swirl Cookies & Cake

I told you that I would let you see the world's ugliest cake. I find cakes stressful actually. When I'm busy decorating cookies for one of my kid's birthdays, I don't want to stop to make a cake, especially when I'm not good at it. I had this vision of a super cool Sweet Shoppe Party with decorated cookies, candies, swirl cookies and an awesome cake for my daughter. Well life got in the way and instead we had a party filled with love and time and family and togetherness. That's way better anyway and I KNOW without a doubt, that my daughter agrees.

So here's my ugly cake, but with my daughter in the picture, she makes everything beautiful.
But the world's ugliest cake, was pretty darn fun on the inside at least :-)

Mellissa happened to come over when I was attempting to make swirl cookies. Have you ever seen Carolyn's swirl cookies of The Occasional Cookie? They are GORGEOUS. She even made a tutorial for us on Sugarbelle's site. Well she conveniently left out the part that Carolyn is simply a GOD. Maybe it's just me, but they sure aren't as easy as she made them look. And it's messy to make them. Messy doesn't really work with me. Mellissa had great fun in showing her silly mom and how messy really isn't my thing.
Since I didn't want food-colored hands for a week, I started with food-grade disposable gloves. They say one size fits all, but good luck with that! Mellissa taped them on me to help the monstrous size gloves stay on better. If you watch the video, you'll see that didn't really help so much ;-)
 Then we roped Nick in as a helper. Mellissa taped him up too, but only after hitting him up with a bunch of flour on his clothes ;-)
 It took quite a while for the color to knead all the way into the dough, but eventually it does get there. It is messy though...
After we got the colors of dough that we needed, we took bits of each color and made them into worms (think play-doh). They didn't come out nearly as beautiful as Carolyn makes them, but we laughed and enjoyed the silly fun together.
Happy Birthday to my baby girl, Mellissa
 love my kids
Okay tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I will be revealing a HUGE secret! Hmmm maybe I'll make you work for it first ;-) more info tomorrow.


  1. I love it! You are such a sweet mom and I love seeing your kids helping you!

  2. Cristin, you rock!!! I love your blog and your fun comments. I also love all your comments about your daughter since that's exactly how I am with my daughter :) --- it's awesome to love them huh? :)
    God bless you and your family Cristin.

  3. That cake and the swirl cookies and the making of all of it was a hoot and I know that your lucky daughter loved every bite of it.

    Wondering what secret you are going to share!?


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