Friday, February 17, 2012

Frog Prince Tutorial and Heart Swirls Tutorial

Since I have lots of cookies to show you still, we're going to do TWO tutorials in this post so we can get onto something fun for tomorrow. I got a new cookie cutter for tomorrow's post that I've wanted for quite a while so I'm pretty excited to share the pictures with you. I know... you can hardly wait ;-) 

First we have some frog prince cookies. If you've been a Cristin's Cookies fan for awhile, then you've probably seen these. They are one of my favorites. The cookie cutter is from and I just love it. I made these frog prince cookies for Valentines Day using LilaLoa's chocolate cookie recipe.
 I started by outlining my frog prince cookies in the design that I wanted
 Then I iced his crown and added sanding sugar immediately to it. I use a paper plate that is very easy to fold up and put the excess sugar back in the jar.
 I give the back of the frog a little tap to get excess sugar off and then I also use a new paintbrush to get the extra sugar off so it doesn't look messy in my cookie bag
 Fill the head with icing - I used electric green since it's one of my favorites
 add big eyes. I switched them so they looked a little googly :-)
 fill the rest of his body leaving the tummy blank for now
 I like to give him a pink tummy, but you can give him a darker green tummy. I've also used yellow and lavender. While the icing is wet, add on a decorative heart candy or draw a heart with icing
 add dot to his legs using the wet on wet technique or wait til he dries, either way is fine depending on the look you want. I usually like to make these dots pink, but I decided on a darker green this time.
 Wait until he is all dry and then add a smile and write Kiss Me or something cute on his tummy and he's all done. Pretty cute huh! Before you eat him up, make sure to give him a kiss so that your hubby will magically turn into Prince Charming for the evening. It works. Honest. Well you might have to bribe him with the cookie, but it will work :-)

Okay for our next tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make swirl hearts. I outlined my candy shaped cookie.
 Then I filled both sections with the icing color I chose
 While the middle is still wet, add dots using a 3rd color
 Then use a toothpick to swirl the dots in a pattern.
 I started from the middle dot and swirled in a circular pattern
 and wa-la. You have a cute swirly heart pattern! After it dries, you can add some detail to the white edges or sparkly sugar. 
Okay so tomorrow a new cookie cutter to share. I'm excited. Should I give you a hint? This variety doesn't actually hang from trees or eat bananas, but he gets lots of hugs and all the girls like him. What is my new cookie cutter that I will show you tomorrow?


  1. These are SO cute!! Aren't you clever.

  2. Thank you Cristin!! these are so cute. Hugs to you :)

  3. You make it look SO simple! Thanks for the tutorial on the frog.

  4. Lovely.. love the little frog... looks pretty cute with his pinky tummy. thank you so much for the tutorial :)

  5. I like your froggie prince's pink tummy and his facial expression. Still need to get myself that candy cookie cutter!


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