Monday, March 12, 2012

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

You know the song... I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like. You're all singing along now right? 

Do you have a favorite cookie design? I found my favorite this week. I've made a TON of different designs of cookies in the last year and I've had so much fun, but these are seriously my very favorite. I sent some design ideas to eCrandal and asked if they would consider adding some cycling cutters to their wide array of cookie cutters. Eric & Jamie came through and did a fantastic job and I'm so excited about my new cycling cookie cutters! I also ordered some cookie cutters from Copper Gifts and used them for these cycling cookies also. Aren't these fun!

My friend, Bob, wears lots of red in his cycling kit and my friend, Joan too.
Of course I wear lots of pink & lime green to match my bicycle.
 My friend, David, has an all green & yellow cycling kit and bicycle.
 and my friend Kristin always wears purple to match her purple bicycle. We all call her Purple Kristin. Not sure why since they don't call me Cristin anyway...
The boy with helmet was made by eCrandal. I absolutely LOVE this!
This aerodynamic helmet is available from eCrandal. I made some with the center piece removed and some with the center intact.
These water bottles are also from eCrandal. These are pretty key on our bike rides! 
and this bicycle cutter is also available from eCrandal 
 I used this polo shirt cookie cutter from Copper Gifts and it worked perfectly for a cycling jersey 
 and of course we need sunglasses when we are cycling, so these from Copper Gifts were very useful for my cookie platters
 and of course this bicycle cookie cutter from Copper Gifts too.
and lastly my very favorite cookie of all these cycling cookies.... it was hard to choose a favorite since I love decorating cookies and I love cycling so I was really in heaven with all these fun cookies, but I really loved this one. I'm hoping that eCrandal will also create this girl with the aerodynamic helmet into a cookie cutter too :-)
As you can probably see, to create the girl, I used 3 different cutters. I used the boy with the rounded cycling helmet and then since I wanted her to have the aerodynamic helmet, I used that as an overlay and then I used a balloon cookie cutter to get some extra dough and create a ponytail for a girl. She came out pretty cute and I love her!

So as you can see, I had a ton of fun making cycling cookies this week!
So now that you've been able to see ALL my new cycling cookies, which one is YOUR favorite and which color?

My friend, Stephanie, sent me this and you just HAVE to watch it. I promise you'll LOVE it!!! Thanks Stephanie!

and for those that missed the fun background of these cycling cookies


  1. You did a FANTASTIC job with all of these cycling themed cookies, Cristin! I especially love how you merged three cutters to get your girl:) My favorites are the red bikes!

  2. You are one *mobilized and motivated* cookie baker and decorator and this post along with many others here on this site are proof of that. Great new cutters and ever better cookies!


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