Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music Player Cookie Tutorial, Cookie Challenge Link-Up & Free Printable Tags

Do you like music? Do you have kids? These cookies are for everyone. Want to make some fun music player cookies? Well then join me and we'll have a fun link-up party so everyone can share their iPod cookies. The rounded rectangle cookie cutter I used for this project is from It is a nice size cookie in 5 x 3. Here's what we will be making today:

Bake your cookies using your rounded rectangle cookie cutter.
 Since I'm a crazy perfectionist, I wanted all my music player cookies to be the same so I created a template which you can download too (see below).
 I used my homemade template to project the image onto my cookie using a KopyKake projector. You can definitely skip this step and simply make rectangles and circles, but if you're super crazy like me then see below. This shows how the template is projected onto a cookie.
 To get your own copy of my homemade music player template, just click this picture below and you can download it and print it for your own use:
Outline all your cookies if you prefer. I've made these music player cookies outlined and also not outlined and my personal preference is to outline as I like the way it shows the detail and makes the colors pop.
 Next fill the white circle part. You want to start with this part so that it will dry while you work on the other parts because you'll need to come back to add the detail and you don't want the colors to bleed.
Next fill the screen area grey.
Then fill all the music player colors.

To make the pink music player cookies, I used Spectrum Fuchsia and then added some Spectrum Electric Pink. To make the lime green iPods, I used Spectrum Electric Green. For the blue iPods, I used Spectrum Royal Blue and lastly for the gold iPods, I used Spectrum Gold and added in some Spectrum Lemon Yellow.
I love my music player and use it (in one ear only) on every bike ride and also at home when hubby is listening to politics loud. ;-) I even bought an additional music player in 2010 when I rode my bike for 24 hours straight just in case the first music player wouldn't stay on long enough for my 400-mile ride journey.
Here are my music player cookies all bagged and ready for a friend. What? You want the bag toppers too? Ok... see below.
I made this cookie bag topper for you to use, just click on the picture below and you'll be taken to to download and print your own cookie tags. Enjoy!
and for those that missed the fun background of these music player cookies
That's it for our tutorial today. Now I want to see YOUR music player cookies. They are really easy to make and quick too. Join us for this cookie challenge and link up a picture of your music player cookies!


  1. Love it!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great tutorial Cristin and fabulous cookies :)

  3. I made about 50 iPods for Bar Mitzvah favors last year. I sure could have used your template!!! :)

    1. Stephanie they look great! Thanks so much for sharing your cute iPods for our cookie challenge!


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