Friday, March 16, 2012

Ladybug Cookies for a First Birthday

A friend of mine has a daughter celebrating her very first birthday. I made some ladybug cookies to celebrate the occasion... and then I made some more ladybug cookies too. I wanted to try out a few different variations and a new fun ladybug blog background too.
So I made some ladybugs with eyes and smiles and antennae
and I made some with just eyes and antennae
 and I made some smaller ladybugs
 and the smaller ones with antennae
 and a pretty flower with a ladybug decon on it
then I bagged them all up with the smaller ones 2 in a bag 
 and the larger ones in bags too
and then I put them in a pretty box with a ladybug ribbon for my friend's daughter
In August I made these ladybug cookies for my son's Eagle Scout project. He built 3 benches in a garden, so I thought ladybugs would be fun. These are still my very favorite. I like the ones without a face best, but for a first birthday, the ladybugs with faces are cute too. 
and here is the adorable little birthday girl enjoying her ladybug cookies!

 Tomorrow will finally be St. Patrick's Day cookies from this Irish gal :-) 

and for those that missed the fun background of these ladybug cookies


  1. I do love the background. Red is one of my favorite colors. Of course, I love just about any bright color. Beautiful cookies!

  2. Cristin you are so talented! Not only do you make great cookies but your backgrounds are too cute for words. Sadly I'm not big on St Patrick's Day so I didn't make any cookies this year but I look forward to seeing yours. :)

  3. Christen, your Lady bugs are adorable. You are talented lady in the tech area as well. Unfortunately, your backgrounds do not show on my iPad. I had to go to the laptop to see what you had done. It was worth the trip.

    1. Unfortunately the background doesn't show up on my iPad either. I thought it was just me because someone else said that it comes up fine on their iPad. I'm glad it's not just me. I wonder why that is though. Odd. The screen size would be way off anyway. Is this Donna or Carroll? Thanks for your kind words!

  4. I love ladybugs and ladybug cookies. Yours are all really cute and your background for this post is adorable.


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