Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soccer Cookies

I finally made some soccer cookies. They have been on my to do list forever. I found a really cool soccer ball cookie cutter from and I had to give it a test drive.
The soccer ball cookie cutter comes with deep grooves in the cutter that make a deep impression on the cookie so that it's easy to know where the lines should be. You can choose to outline the grooves on the cookie before icing or you can first decorate the bottom layer of the cookie with white icing and then add the lines. The grooves are deep enough that you can even see where they should be with the bottom coat of icing. I tried it both ways.
Here's the finished soccer balls 
 and I decided to make a cute little soccer girl to the soccer cookie platter too
 and of course a sports jersey
Lots more cookies to come...

for those that missed the soccer background that I created for my blog, you can see it here:


  1. How cool that the lines show through the base coat! How cool is that soccer girl? How even cooler are you for posting the blog background for those of us who can't see it on the iPad!

  2. That's a great soccer ball cookie cutter and your cookies are piped perfect. The little girl is adorable.

  3. I bought that cutter, too...made it a LOT easier to create a soccer ball cookie!


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