Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pilot Cookies woops Wrong Kind of Pilot

Well let me start this post by reminding you that I am blonde. Throw in the pink and I guess I'm double doomed to make some mistakes! I'll tell you about my blunder in a minute... My son is currently considering 9 different colleges. He has worked very hard and been an absolute perfect son for 18 years. Our family is really big on volunteering and being of service and working hard. Throw in some great grades, Eagle Scout, Black Belt, and hockey team and he is the total package. We're very proud of all of our amazing children. 

While looking at colleges, Nick has looked at the important stuff - like the class size, the curriculum, the engineering program, the weather and can he call this place home for 4 years. I, however, looked at the OTHER side of things - what are the school colors, what is their mascot, do they have a pink sweatshirt. You know, the important stuff. One of the schools he is considering, their mascot is a bulldog. A super cool bulldog. I took a picture of Nick with the bulldog. Another is a bronco, a panther, wolf, lumberjack, argonaut, redhawk, banana slug, spartan and then there is the University of Portland Pilots. Well, when you think of a pilot, don't you think of an airplane? Well I did... so I made these cookies to bring to the University of Portland reception.

We got an email the next day saying thanks for the cookies, but the UP Pilots are not airplane pilots, they are River Boat Pilots. Argh. Glad I bought all those airplane cookie cutters! Duh! Oh well, I tried. I think this time I'll wait til Nick makes his final decision before I buy some boat cookie cutters!

All the moms of the graduating students were asked to send in a photo of mom & son when their boy was little and then another more recent photo of mom & son. I scoured through 25 photo albums over 9 years time and found only a couple photos of me and Nick. I'm usually behind the camera and didn't realize I should have been asking hubby to take some photos all these years. So this is what I decided to send in. Look how happy Nicky looks with his grampa. My nose is burning holding back tears. I'm going to be a mess when they play the video at school of all the moms with their sons and I see my dad.
Lots more cookies to share...

For those that missed the airplane background with these cookies, here it is:


  1. Cristin,
    I started off laughing at this post and then ended up in tears. It's the picture of your dad. My dad is getting older and his health is not the best. It's so hard to watch your parents get older. When we're little we think they're invincible and they'll be around forever. They're like superheroes. Watching them age is hard.

    On a happier note I love the pic of you and Nick. Also, the background is adorable. I saw a post about making backgrounds & maybe one day I'll give it a try. I don't think I could coordinate backgrounds with posts. You are a machine Cristin! I seriously need to get back to exercising regularly so I can have your energy. :)

    1. awww you always make my day Melissa. You're such a sweet honeybee just like my own Mellissa! Thanks for your kind comments. If anyone needs to get back to exercise, it's me! We had rain all last week and I didn't get out on a single bike ride. It was gorgeous today, but I was so behind on everything, that I didn't go for a ride. BUT I got 8 hours of sleep last night! First time in probably a month! I got my emails down from 700 to 124. I still have the other 600 to read, but at least now they are categorized :-) I'll get there... I miss my dad so very much, but I know he's with me. I honestly can feel him. Thanks again for your kind comments!

  2. I'm sure that those at the University loved eating your cookies even if they weren't river boat pilots!
    I can imagine how you felt when you came across that gorgeous picture of your son and your Dad. It is lovely and what a blessing to have the memories behind that photo. The one of you and you son is great...you both look truly happy.

  3. Everyone knows that Pilots do airplanes, and Captains do boats. You were totally right and the school needs to change its mascot! You are awesome, so of course you raised awesome kids!!

  4. Christin, I did the same thing as Melissa! Started laughing and then ended with tears! It is so hard picking colleges but your family will chose the right one. After all, he is a smart boy!

    As far as the cookies go, those are the cutest planes ever! Maybe the college needs to change their mascot!! LOL I always enjoy your posts:) Thanks for making me smile today:)

  5. Oh, I can so identify with your "oops".......humm....maybe you can use the plane cutters for friends with little boys aspiring to be pilots....or send a selection to Capt. Sulley for his "Miracle on the Hudson"? The plane is now reassembled here in Charlotte, NC! We are kindred spirits, Cristin....you are "young-blonde" and I'm the "Old Blonde"! lol Blessings, Donna B.

  6. LOL! I totally relate! This is easily something I would have done! At least they were adorable mistakes!

  7. I would have made the same mistake! I just think it's so sweet that you took them some cookies:) You just whip out fabulous cookies left and right!
    The photos are precious.


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