Monday, April 30, 2012

Dog Cookies For A Bridal Shower

I made some dog cookies for a friend:

My friend, Becky, asked me if I would make dog cookies for her friend's bridal shower. She sent me a link to a small dog cookie cutter that she said she would buy for me to make those dogs specifically. I said that I would be happy to, but it was a very small dog cookie and my suggestion would be this large dog cookie cutter since she wanted to give them out as party favors for the bridal shower. She was very happy with that suggestion and knew that her guests would love the party favors. She bought the cookie cutter from and had it shipped to me directly.
After I baked a whole bunch of large dog cookies, I outlined them. My daughter drew me a fun design using the cutter as a guide. We thought it would be fun for the dog fur to stand out and I gave him a collar too. Just a warning - if you do all these little lines for the dog fur, it takes some time to get icing in every little area.
 Then I filled all the cookies with a pretty shade of brown and while the icing was still wet, I added a large eye for the large dog and a black button nose and a red heart to dangle from his collar.
Then I filled the red collar. Since I didn't want to worry about bleeding colors, I used small yellow dots of candy sprinkles as the detail on the collar rather than icing. 
 I used lots of different colors for the dots on the collars. Here's just a few. I was very happy with the dogs like this, but my friend wanted the dog to be brown and blonde, so ...
 lastly I added some blonde details to the dog.

I made lots of them and these were BIG dogs, so it took quite a bit of time. 
The bridal shower had a Wizard of Oz theme, so I added special cookie bag toppers to match her theme.
 Then I packaged up all the cookies ready to ship and prayed that their little tails would hold up in shipping. Becky said that every one arrived perfect! Oh I just love that!
Look at the blue & white gingham on the flower vases to match the Wizard of Oz theme. How adorable is that with these gorgeous daffodils!
 Becky, Liz (bride to be) & Christina
Cookies for the guests to take home as party favors
 oh and now I get to see why she wanted the dog brown and blonde ;-) Cute little Moises with the beautiful bride to be!
Bride to be, Moises the pup and Mother of the Bride, Lynette
Lots and lots more cookies to come...and hopefully a few bike rides too!

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  1. Those are soooo cute Cristin! I love them. I have just started using sprinkle, confetti, non-perils and the such for small details also...Why did it take me so long to figure it out? They almost always the perfect size and like you said, you don't have to worry about bleeding! And the candy eyes...yep..I used them all the time...what a time saver!


  2. These are so "Dawg-gone" CUTE! Can I ask how you find/make the perfect cookie toppers for your finished/sealed cookie bags? And, all the really cute boarders on your blog always matches the cookies ~ how do you do that? Thanks Cristin :)
    Godspeed, donna

    1. Thanks Donna and it's nice to hear from you. I make my own cookie bag toppers. For mine, I use an excel spreadsheet and add in clipart and personalization. I've also shared some cookie tags for others to use. If you look on the right hand side under all the different categories, there's a category called "free printables". There is also a large collection of them that I've shared here: I hope you're able to use them and enjoy! As far as the blog backgrounds, that took me a LONG time to learn and I'm still learning. I use Photoshop Elements and I import different graphics and scrapbooking papers and size everything just right and then upload it to my blog. Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. So glad to hear that these adorable dog cookies made it to the bridal shower on time and in one piece. How lovely that you were sent pictures of the shower.

  4. OMG - how cute is this post???? I love it!

  5. Whereas most dogs get fabulously excited to be given their dinner, Jimmy will take his composed position on the kitchen floor and observe as I prepare his food. Upon placing the bowl down, Jimmy will remain in this spot for a good two or three minutes, quietly reflecting over what culinary delights might be waiting for him just a yard away (NB: 100% of the time it's dog food).


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