Friday, April 6, 2012

Roller Skating Cookies

So last night my baby girl and I FINALLY went shopping. We had the big gender reveal party last week and I've been dying to go buy some cute little baby girl clothes - pink of course! Mellissa wanted to come because she said she was needing some mother-daughter time (all together - awww!!!!), so between our two crazy hectic schedules, we had to wait almost a whole week before buying the first little baby girl outfit. So the really funny thing is that every outfit I found went like this... ooh look at this cute little pink elephant outfit and I have a really cute elephant cookie cutter to match. And ooh look at this adorable pink giraffe outfit and I have a new giraffe cookie cutter to match! Isn't that CRAZY! Yes, I see everything in cookies - thanks so much for that Callye ;-) it IS your fault!

So until I can make cute look baby cookies to match the cute little baby clothes, today I have some roller skates for you. I got this roller skate cookie cutter from measuring 3.75 x 3.5".  I designed it a couple different ways in lots of different colors and then I added a cute little roller skating girl.

Remember the movie Ice Castles? Well if you were from that era like I was, you probably loved that movie. I was hooked. I did the entire skating routine (axle and all) on my roller skates on the street out in front of my house every single day for hours. I LOVED roller skating. Even to this day, I still own roller skates. I even bought the sneakers that have the hidden wheels built in. Yes, I'm a 40-something kid. You already knew I was weird, get over it.

As of today, we have 96,145 visits on my blog. You know what happens at 100,000 visits don't you. Free cookies... I'm excited, are you?

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  1. Shopping with your daughter for baby clothes is so much fun and I can't wait to see all the lovely cookies you are going to make inspired by the adorable outfits.

    Very cute roller skating cookies. Happy Easter!


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