Monday, May 7, 2012

Animal Print Cookies and a Gift

I received a wonderful gift from a fan of Cristin's Cookies. Remember the other day when I told you that Yvette of CutnTiedByRedYvette sent my son a blanket to take away to college? How super thoughtful is that! Well in that package, there was ANOTHER special surprise. I was so excited that I had to make cookies :-) So I made some zebra print cookies and leopard print cookies.
Leopard print cookies against a light pink background
Leopard print cookies against a dark pink background
Zebra print cookies with two different pink backgrounds
Now ready to see the inspiration that these cookies came from? Look at this amazing gift from Yvette! It is soooo me!
See why I just HAD to make cookies! How fun is this incredible blanket! I love it! Thank you SOOOO very much Yvette for your incredible thoughtfulness!
and I have to end with a picture of my babies and soon-to-be grandchild! SOOOOO excited! Aren't they so gorgeous. My kids adore each other and I'm so incredibly blessed.
 Look at that grand-baby coming along! I can't contain myself!!!

Animal Print blog background for today:


  1. Awesome! I'm making some leopard print cookies this week. I hope they come out this good!

  2. I love these cookies Cristin! The colors are awesome and that blanket is so you ;-).

  3. Cristin,
    When I was getting the blanket ready for Nick....I saw that fabric over the side of my fleece pile...and it just SPOKE to me...."I belong with Cristin!", I made it up just for YOU!
    I thought you would need a blanket to hug on when Nick is far away. Those cookies are a perfect match to the fabric. You are amazing. Your creativity and spunk are so infectious. I admire your drive and honesty. Enjoy your blanket knowing it was made Just for You.
    Best Wishes and Nose Nuzzles,
    Yvette - CutnTiedbyRedYvette

    1. Thank you so much Yvette! You were right that it was the absolute perfect blanket for me and it's so adorable that I will have that to snuggle with after Nicky goes away to college. You have seriously touched my heart. I'm so glad that you saw the fabric and thought of me. It's absolutely PERFECT! Hugs!

  4. The blanket gift was so thoughtful of Yvette and so suited to you. Your cookies look fun and fab and your kids look great. Your daughter is beaming and the baby sure is growing! Your son must be as excited to be an Uncle as you are to be a Gramma!

  5. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs. Thanks for sharing

  6. A very good post indeed. It's a shame about some of the responses. I have to admit that the way how tides work is just fascinating. Basically the same cycle is repeated over and over


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