Saturday, June 2, 2012


"So this is it! And it all happened so quickly. This morning for the last time you arrived on campus a student; this afternoon you go home as an alumnus. Today we are no longer your school - we've become your alma mater." That was the first paragraph of a beautiful letter my son received from his principal last week before graduation. And instead of ending with GO BELLS!, the letter finished off with "Go with God!"

To celebrate graduation, I made lots and lots AND LOTS of graduation cookies. 
The Graduation Gown with flower lei was my personal favorite of my graduation cookies. I haven't seen anyone else make them yet, so I was really excited when I thought of including the lei on the grad gown.
Happy Graduate
 Grad Caps
Grad Profile
 Wise Owls
 Grad Smileys
 Go Bells!
 Congrats Graduate

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... in the car, driving to the graduation ceremony, I told Nick "I already cried this morning, so I should be all good". Nick grinned and said "oh yeah?" and then he proceeded to hum the graduation march song. Evil, evil boy ;-) Thank God for waterproof mascara!
When Nick started high school he was 5'3 and little and cute and didn't know anyone at his new school. As a graduate, he is now 5'10 and a man, but still cute ;-) He has made lots of really close friends, completed an incredible amount of studying and lots of community service and played on the school hockey team all 4 years. Throw in a bunch of video games and Nick has become the young man he was meant to be.
We couldn't be more proud of our Bell Alum!


  1. Congrats Cristin for make it through and now you can take a much needed break! These cookies are awesome too, way to go

  2. Congratulations, Nick! (And congratulations to you, too, Cristin for staying strong (and making some darn good cookies!!!!) <3

  3. Aloha Cristin. I'm from Hawaii and I LOVE the gowns with leis! My husband & I just looked at them and are admiring how beautiful all of the graduation cookies are. Thank you for sharing your talent. And, congrats on your son's graduation.

  4. Congratulations! To your for raising a wonderful young man and to your wonderful young man. May he set out on a new road that others will want to follow.
    Fantastic amount of cookies and fantastic cookies!

  5. Congrats to your son, the graduate! I'm glad you survived the graduation:) The grad gown with the lei IS a cute cookie idea! My son graduated from college in Hawaii and he ended up being covered in leis:)

  6. Congrats to Nick! I love your attention to detail Cristin. I can always tell that every cookie you make is made with love. The gowns with the leis are awesome :)


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