Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby Shower Link-Up Party - Share your cookie photos!

Lets have a Baby Shower Link-Up Party! See below for details.

So y'all saw the tons of jungle animal cookies that my daughter and I made for her baby shower last weekend. I asked you to play a game with me (since it is a baby shower after all) and figure out which one was my very favorite of the jungle animals and to be specific. Then I asked which one was your favorite. Many of you guessed right. This was my very favorite:
I LOVE her. Of course she is in my very favorite colors of pink and lime green, but really whatever color the giraffe head is, she's just adorable. I have 782 cookie cutters and this week the giraffe is my very favorite cutter. So now you know which one was my favorite. 

Many of you chose the striped giraffe as your favorite of the jungle animal set.

What you may not know is there was a specific purpose to this striped giraffe. As you've probably learned by now, I've bought a gazillion little cute baby girl outfits for my first grandchild that is coming in about 7 weeks. The CUTEST outfit is this one:
Isn't that just the cutest little thing you ever did see! I'm so in love with this adorable baby outfit, so of course I had to make a giraffe to match. Mellissa had a hard time holding the parts of the little outfit AND the matching cookie, but can you see it below? Pretty fun huh!
So now you know my favorite and the purpose of the one that was most of your favorites. Ready for another play-along for the baby shower? How about if you post your pictures of a baby shower cookie that you'd like to share. I can promise you that Mellissa will see this and we'll tell her it's a virtual baby shower for her :-) You can make a cookie in the next few days and post it here or you can post a picture of cookies you've made before for a baby shower. They can be onesies, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby rattle, stroller, babies or even jungle animals since that was our theme. Here's some cookie ideas to get you rolling:
Join the fun in this link-up party!

Tomorrow we will have a short tutorial on a cookie cutter from Plastics In Print... stay tuned!

Giraffe blog background for today:


  1. I'm SO glad you're doing this! I'm going to be doing some baby shower cookies for a shower for my niece and nephew at the end of the month and though I have an invitation to work with, I was looking for some new ideas. Can't wait to see what people share here!

  2. This is SUCH a fun idea for a link-up!! I ADORE your striped giraffe -- SO CUTE!!!

  3. What a cute idea to make a cookie to match the outfit! You are already a fun grandma!

  4. Aww, you're so cute mom! And thanks everyone for the virtual baby shower! Baby Abigail is one dearly loved little girl!!

  5. What a great idea for a virtual cookie baby shower!

  6. How exciting? Grandparenthood! Congrats Cristin and Mellissa! Thanks for letting us participate in your shower! I love all the fun jungle cookies :)


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