Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Cutter from Plastics In Print - Bee Cookies

A new cutter and stamp set! Have you seen these yet? Plastics in Print, friend of That's A Nice Cookie, has started making cookie cutter and stamp sets. It's a FANTASTIC way to get a custom cutter made in a price-manageable way. I know your mind is swirling right now. Mine is too. As cookie decorators, we always have a gazillion ideas that we want made into a cookie.
So if you have an idea in mind of a custom design you want to make into a cookie, here are your options:

1 - ask your favorite cookie cutter shop to make it for you, the general price is about $55 for a custom cutter... ouch!

2 - buy the "make your own cookie cutter" set, that's about $15-$20 and then you have to figure out how to do it. I know lots of you are handy that way and can make your own cutter. I'm soooo not one of those people!

3 - hand-cut your cookie dough into your designs, this is another skill that I don't have and don't like trying to do. 

4 - draw your custom design onto a regular shape cookie using a KopyKake projector - this is often my fall-back when I want a specific design, but it is time consuming and makes a smaller design on a cookie shape (rectangle, square, circle, oval...).

* Now there is another way... contact Patrick at Plastics in Print and tell him he's really a nice super guy and I bet he'll make your design for you. The pricing is much more cost effective than the 1st option and a whole lot easier than the 2nd option, a lot more fun that the 3rd option and less time consuming than the 4th option. So do you want to know how it works? I know your mind is still swirling with design ideas, but FOCUS...

Send your design to Patrick and here's what you will receive. This set is the cutter and the stamp.
Then bake your cookies using the cutter and stamp the dough before you bake it.  
 You can push the stamp to your desired level for seeing the design on your cookie. Since I use GLAZE and my icing doesn't stand up the way Royal Icing does, I wanted a light impression of the design on my cookie. You can push the stamp more to get a more thorough impression if you wish.
 Then follow the lines to decorate your cookie. As you know, I LOVE my cookies outlined so I outlined my design first.
 Then I filled in the details. You can be done at this point. It's already completely adorable. 
 Isn't she so cute?
 I decided to add in a background also. Patrick adds a small amount of room around the stamp for the cutter and you can choose to fill it in or leave it blank.
I was tempted to buy a bunch of the cutters from Plastics in Print, but I wanted to be sure that I would like how they work first. So I can tell you without doubt that I'm very happy with my purchase and the ease of use and the super quick turn-over time from my order til I received my cutter and quick shipping and I WILL be buying more! I love my new bee cutter and my head is SWIRLING with ideas for my next purchases from Plastics in Print. 
 My daughter's name is Mellissa which means Honeybee, so I thought this would be a really fun cutter to start with. I realize now that I forgot to give her cute cheeks :(

I also made some other bee cookies for my baby girl that is having a baby girl
 and still some more
Isn't this adorable for little Baby Abigail? See the cutesie feeties?
Well it just HAD to be made into a cookie, wouldn't you agree?

and some regular bee cookies too
and you might remember these other bees that I posted recently
Have a BEEutiful day today! I still have a ton more cookies to show you, so stay tuned!

Bee background for today:


  1. What a fantastic, informative post Cristin! I will definitely be looking into this for special cutters. I just love the bees ;-)

  2. Great post Cristin! I was wondering how well the imprint would hold up after baking. You were able to answer all my questions. Visiting their etsy account now!!

  3. I love the bees! When I was pregnant with Ellie, we called her the little bumblebee because she was constantly buzzing around my belly. I would have been all over those PJs :)

  4. Thanks for telling us about Plastics in Print! Your bee cookies are too cute and I can imagine that your new grand-daughter will need a large walk-in closet even before she makes her debut ;)

  5. Thanks for telling us about Plastics in Print! All of your bee cookies are really sweet and I can imagine that your grand-daughter is going to need a large walk-in closet even before she makes her debut.

  6. Cindy July 21,2012July 21, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Thanks for the information. This will come in handy for custom cookie cutters. I'm soooo excited! Thanks again, Cindy


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