Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And The Winner Is.... (and some really nice comments revealed)

On August 10th, Cristin's Cookies hit the amazing milestone of having 2,500 fans on Facebook. I am so thankful and humbled that 2,500 people are interested in seeing my cookies and being a part of this fun cookie adventure with me! So I decided to host a give-away! eCrandal was INCREDIBLY generous in donating 3 gorgeous copper cookie cutters to sponsor the give-away. It has been such an incredible week during the give-away. Little did I know that this give-away would be my saving grace on a very difficult week. We were out of town all last week taking my last baby to college. My little heart was breaking and I was so worried that I would be a puddle of mush. One of the entries to the contest was to "say something nice". Wow! You guys said the nicest things anyone could ever imagine. You kept me pumped up and filled my broken heart with all your kind comments. I can't tell you what those kind comments meant to me!

Ok, I know, you're super excited to know who WON this amazing give-away! Me too... Out of 2,601 entries, the rafflecopter came up with this winner:

Congratulations to Denise A.S.!!! I will be sending you an email today to get your shipping address for the 3 beautiful cookie cutters from eCrandal!

and for all those that were so sweet in writing "I want Cristin's Cookies!" and all the other super fun comments about how you REALLY DO want my cookies, you seriously made me smile! Rafflecopter came up with this winner:

Congratulations to Leslie G.!!! I will be sending you an email today to get your shipping address for cookies that I will make next week. I haven't decided on a theme yet, but I'm excited to come up with something special for you!

Thank you everyone for playing along in this give-away. Thank you all for your incredibly kind and inspiring comments! Thank you to eCrandal for sponsoring my 2,500 fan give-away!

Here are some of the inspiring and wonderfully kind comments that I received. You can bet I'll be referring back to this if I have a bad day! Thank you so much for your kindness everyone! 

You are my idol! - Norma
Baby Abigail is Gorgeous - Jan
Love Cristin!!!!! - Angela
Your work is so gorgeous! I love being inspired by others. - Diana
I'm happy to see you smiling next to your son! Can't wait to see the cookies you will be making to send to your son and his new friends! - Claudia
You are the Organizational Queen! I bow down to your highness and hope to someday achieve your level of organizational dominance - Debbie
FYI: You DO NOT look like you have a child in college! - Gabija
Love your blog! - Sarah
Your granddaughter is so precious! I also love the coordinating outfit and cookies! - Denise
Today's the day! Stay strong...Nick will be fine..and so will you! Hugs and Love! - Kimmie
Thinking of you this morning now that Nick has been dropped off at school. Keeping busy I hope - Susan
I love your pink hair and wish I could pull it off. Thanks for all the cookie advice you give:) - Heather
your cookies are simply amazing.. - Vickie
Your hair is awesome. I love the pink. I have added a little red to mine, but you sure know how to rock the pink. - Jennifer
Good luck to your son in College!!!! - Theresa
Love ya, girlie!! - Lene
You make the cutest cookies! - Dawn
I love the pink in your hair!!!! - Sandra
Since Michele wrote a poem I felt like I should do a limerick but I don't know any clean ones . :/ So, instead I'll just say that I hope you have a fabulous weekend and a safe trip home! - Laurie
Love, love, love your cookies (and your granddaughter is adorable!!) - Penelope
You do such an amazing job w/ your glaze icing...I wish I could get the hang of it like you! - Melody
Abigail Cristin is BEAUTIFUL!!!! - Stephanie
Still thinking about you lady! I hope you are staying strong..but I know you are in tears...but that is ok...that is what a good mom does when she leaves her baby. Hugs! - Kimmie
Ecrandal cutters are so shiny - Samantha
When life gives you a low moment, remember that very first smile of your baby!!! It makes the day so much brighter!! - Neha
you're the best cookie decorator! - Norma
Roses are red, violets are blue, I really really want some cookies from you. - Michele
Good Morning I can't wait to see your next set of cookies - Lisa
Love the pink hair! - Nancy
Go Portland Pilots!!!! ;) - Laurie
You are an amazing cookie decorator. - Rhonda
Thinking about you Cristin..I hope you are staying strong! Hugs! - Kimmie
I like your website layout. - Vickie
Love your princess cookies! - Emily
Love your hair - Dorene
Thanks you for inspiring new bakers! - Donna
This is the most incredible giveaway EVER!! - Tami
Love the new back ground of your blog - Theresa
You raised a great young man! - Adrienne
I love your Pink Hair...I wish I was that brave - Jan
your cookies are wonderful! - Norma
You inspire me! - Angelique
You are so cool! - Maria
My favorite cookies are your food and Christmas creations!!! - Jenny
Looking at your cookies makes me happy! - Christine
I hope your son loves his college! - Nancy
I think you are one of the kindest people I have met in CookieLand. - Heather
I love your pink hair! So cool and fun - Sarah
I love your passion! Passion for cookies, your kids, bike riding, and your new grandbaby! - Jamie
I cried when I read about your son going away to college... - Melissa
We love you! - Barbara
Your cookies rock!! :) - Patti
I love your cookies and posts! - Leslie
Wow, what a summer for you...a new Grandbaby and Nick going away to college. God Bless - Jan
I love my Grandkids, how are you liking being a Grandma? - Christine
I love reading your blogs! I do need to try your cookies one day too! - Nikki
I've been there I was a mess anytime anyone even mentioned My Baby leaving for school but it gets easier the second year you will be packing for him and asking him when do you go back to school trust me even if only in your head lol and you must have done a great job couse like you said Hes ready - Lisa
your cookies are awesome! - Maria
you are one of the best cookie artist i have seen. - Angelique
I love that you ride your bike! - Nancy
You're inspiring!! - Cheryl
I LUV your cookies! - Barb
I love your cookie work - Khandra
I love your cookies! AND your hair!!! - Jennifer
Thank you for the inspiration that you are! - Sarah
Love, love your pink hair! - Marlena
Cute website design :) - Jessica
I can tell you are the BEST of moms! It is so obvious how much you love your kids as you talk about your son going to college and your new granddaughter! And the pictures of you doing activities with your kids! You're awesome! Tomorrow will be tough ... I'll be thinking of you! - Laurie
Love you Cristin....and safe travels on your trip! HUGS! - Kimmie
Your granddaughter is adorable! - Nancy
I love all the beatiful cookies you share as well as the stories about your life. - Missy
love your logo pic! - Natalia
You make cute cookies! - Gwenn
You granddaughter is one very lucky little girl to have you for a grandma!!! - Laura
I love your work and I learn a lot form you thanks - Liliana
Sweet life, with sweet people, is having sweet cookies!! - Neha
You have an easy listening voice for video :) - Laura
I love all your cookie designs! - Jenny
You have the most beautiful smile! - Cindy
Love your cookies! - DeDe
Your castle cookies are among my favorites! - Cindy
Love our cookies! Wish i was half as good at decorating mine! - Christina
i love your cookies! - Rose
I found your site a few month ago...I stop by every day to see if omething new was posted. Congrats on your new Grand daughter - Jan
Cristin, your cookies are Beautiful! - Angelique
Sending you lots of strength and blessing while you help your son pack for college. - Claudia
I love your pink hair. ; D - Jennifer
I love your love of bike riding, wish it could rub off on me. - Natalie
your're awsome! - Norma
Can't wait to taste some homemade cookies by Cristin! Good luck to your son at college - Theresa
i love your logo its so fun and pretty - Amanda
Love your work!!! - Jenny
Im happy that ur giving away these cookie cutters. I like cookie cutters. - Lillian
I love your work!!! - Jane
Your tutu cookies are super cute! - Valerie
I love your site and congrates on being a new grandma - Lisa
Love your cookies, blog and fb page :) - Juliana
You are awesome because we have the same name <3 - Richie
Your cookies are beautiful! - Marcia
You are amazing and nice!! - Natasha
You ROCK you sexy grandma you! - Nicole
Your cookies are the bomb-diggity!!! :) - Debbie
I have enjoyed following Cristin's Cookies for a long time. It has been a pleasure to read about your family as well as your seet creations. Congrats on 2500. - Donna
Your cookies are beautiful! - Kristin
I love how you are so creative with your cookies. It inspires me! - Beatriz
Being a grandma is the best thing in the world!! Congratulations on your new addition. - Tami
i am one od your 2500 fans i love you - Pam
Congratulations on hitting over 2500 fans! No one deserves it more! ;) - Christine
You're cookies look great - Jessica
i love to see pics of your decorated cookies and i wish i could make cookies like yours! - Kim
your granddaughter is adorable! - Maria
I LOVE your cookies! - Julie
I always love getting my emails saying you've posted! - Elizabeth
You da best! XOXO - Elizabeth
Congratulations on your 2500 Likers! Your cookies are Fabulous xo - Lindy
Don't forget to say something positive to yourself before you fall asleep tonight. Keep positive thoughts in your mind even while you're sleeping. - LaDonna
Love your page - Dorene
I love your cookies! - Samantha
I love your cookies and your organizational skills!!!! - Lorraine
You have such an awesome attitude! I love it! - Jennifer
I love your cookies Cristin! - Theresa
I love your pink hair!! :) - Lindsey
Your Cookies are Awesome! - Laura
Congrats on the new addition to your family! - Amy
You know I adore you and your amazing cookies - Lexy
You are one of my favorite cookiers! - Anne
love your cookies! - Linda
you work is wonderful.. when I grow up I want to be just like you :) - Vickie
you're grandbaby is gorgeous - You're
You are fabulously talented!! - Brenda
Love the fact that your a new Grandma!! Welcome to the fun. - Tami
I've been signed up for a while and I love your emails!! - Pam
your bicycle cookies are so adorable, realllllly !! - Salpie
They look YUMMY! - Richard
Your cookies rock!!! - Elizabeth
I am so glad I found you! Another super young grandmother who is as obsessed with cookies as I am. YAY! Thanks for the inspiration! - Patti
Your grand baby is a doll!! - Kim
Your cookies are awesome!! - Tracy
Your cookies are unique. Oh, you need to show us more pictures of your beautiful grandaughter. - Rita
your cookies are beautiful! - Shani
I love your pink hair, I wish I was brave enough to try it. - Monica
You inspire me to make better cookies and to get on a bike and get healthy :). Good combo uh. :) - Heather
I love your cookies! :) - Melissa
I thought it was really nice that Ecrandal donated THREE cutters for a giveaway! - Valerie
I'm so glad I found your page! You do awesome work! - Andrea
I can't wait to decorate some great looking cookies with the help of your spectacular cookie cutters and ideas!!! : ) - Andrea
Love your cookies! - Jodi
I love your cookies! Very talented!!! - Lisa
i love ur cookies! - Yoselin
congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter and sending you strength for when your son leaves to college. - Claudia
Love, love, love your work!! - Penelope
Your cookies and your webpage are absolutely lovely :-) - Kelly
I LOVE LOVE your logo! It's adorable! :) - Wendy
I love those just married cookies!!! Too cute!!! - Kara
i love your cookies and your hair...in that order, i think. :) - Michele
love the pink! - Elizabeth
These cookies look too yummy to eat!! They are artwork! - Karen
Your website is sooo incredibly fun and bright! - Megan
I love your cookies! - Jennifer
Awesome giveaway....thanks so much for the chance(s) to win. :) - Kimberly
your cookies taste yummy!! - Chelsea
You are awesome! - Denise
You are the cookie goddess! - Anita
I always smile when I think of you and your pink hair - love it! - Jill
Thanks for sharing your natural gift. - Marta
You're and awesome & very cool Grandma...AND....I value our friendship! - Ansa
pretyy website! - Elyssa
What an amazing cookie maker! - Leslie
cookies are beautiful - Sabrina
I love that you love pink!!! - Deena
I'm inspired by your creations! - Carolyn
I love cookies! I really, really love cookies! - Courtney
Your cookies are an inspiration to those wanting to decorate cookies! - Sylvia
You make amazing cookies!! - Dana
you make wonderful cookies! - Tina
you make beautiful cookies - Kathy
love you! - Karen
love your cookies - Lisa
cant wait to your beautiful cookies - Molly
Your new granddaughter is beautiful! - Jennifer
I LOVE your Alice cookies! - Sheena
love your cookies - Francine
Your cookies are awesome! :) - Debbie
You're one of the most amazing women I know! - Stephanie
thank you for doing a givaway and promoting products i may never had heard of. huge fan now - Tina
OMG I don't know how I was never signed up to follow you through email. I guess because I stalk you often :) - Melissa
Hope to win, I love Ecrandal's cutters! - Glory
I love your love of pink! :D - Kari
You are the best! - Melissa
I really enjoy to see Cristin's Cookies Facebook page, to check out her work. If se has some new Cookies done. - Maria
Your cookies are adorable - Sandy
Glad we "met" and excited for you being a grandma! :) - Janis
I love your blog! :) It's so fun! - Danielle
I love that you love pink. And that in your blog avatar you have pink hair! :) - Christine
I love your cookies they are great! - Natalie
You're awesome! - Brandy
I LOVE your cookies sooooo much!!! I would love to spend a day with you and pick your brain. - Kim
Your beautiful smile lights up my day every single time I see one of your posts!! And I'm not just sucking up! - Laurie
Your sweet and fun and happy go lucky and talented. :) - Susie
I love looking at all your beautiful cookies! - Christine
Referred by The Painted Cookie & fell in love love love with Cristin's work! - Vicki
Cristin's Cookies Inspire Me <3 - Vicki
Love your work, you have some seriously awesome cookies. - Julie
You radiate happiness! :-) - Cindy

If you ever worry that you're little heart might be breaking or you're having a difficult week, ask someone to say something nice. It works like a charm to fill your day with positive energy. I love you all!

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