Friday, September 21, 2012

Purr-Purr Said the Kitty Cat Cookies

Did you hear the California Cottage Food Law just passed? I'm so excited! What wonderful news! Thanks to everyone that wrote letters to Governor Jerry Brown and to those that signed the online petitions. And a huge thank you to Christina Oatfield and all her hard work and dedication on the AB1616 bill and Assemblymember Mike Gatto for all his effort in bringing our bill to the Senate! I feel like pulling out my 793 cookie cutters and having a big bake-a-thon! :-)

I made some cat cookies and made lots of different styles of them. I had so much fun with these. She wanted bright "fun" colors for the cats. Yep, I'd be happy to do that! 

I made lots of fun cat head cookies (with stripes and without) in super fun colors. This cat head cutter is from 
 I made a couple to send to Raymond at for his birthday too
 Then I made some cats with a side profile. My daughter helped me to design these.
 and of course I needed some paw print cookies too
I made a couple just for my hometown of Los Gatos since the LGHS mascot is a cat and their colors are orange & black. 
 and then I wanted to make some in "usual" colors too
 Then I made some "scared" cat cookies too
 and of course, I couldn't leave out Hello Kitty cookies! So I made some Hello Kitty big head cookies
and some big Hello Kitty sitting cookies too 
 Can you tell I went a little overboard on cats!
and look my little granddaughter as an adorable cat too. Awwwwww 

I made this fun cat blog background for today too 
Lots and lots more cookies to come 


  1. Aww the kitties are cute but your Grandbaby is adorable!!!

  2. Great cookies and your grand-daughter is purrfect! So nice that the cottage food law was passed in your state! Whoo Hoo for all the cookiers :)


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