Monday, September 17, 2012

Animal Print Cookies

I went on a long bike ride yesterday. I had a fantastic time, but it was quite eventful. In 117-miles and 25 cyclists, there were 3 crashes, lots of bloody road rash, 5 flat tires, 2 blown tires, 2 dropped chains, 1 very near car collision and 1 ambulance ride home. Scary huh! Thankfully I was able to stay upright with the rubber side down. I really like the ride leader and fully trusted his judgement, so I tucked in behind him and stayed at the front throughout the whole ride for safety. I had a great time and I loved seeing so many of my cycling friends. Unfortunately I had a difficult time sleeping as I had to keep getting up for water. I didn't do very good with my liquid intake. I'm usually very good about drinking and refilling my water bottles, so I think I was just so intent on staying safe, that I didn't think about all the usual stuff.

I made some animal print cookies. My little granddaughter, Abigail, had the cutest little leopard print jammies, so I was inspired to make cookies. I know, surprise, surprise. Little teeny tiny Abigail is already growing out of her newborn clothes. Tomorrow she will be 7 weeks old already!

 Isn't she just precious!!! How could I not make cookies to match this sweetie?!
 Time for a bike ride. I hope you're all having a fantastic day!

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  1. Cristin-
    Abigail is darling!!! I hope you are taking the pictures of the cookies you make and the photos of her in her "matching" outfits and putting them away in a "special" book with some thoughts written down. She will cherish this book as an adult., and have it to show to her grandkids!!

    My mother in-law saved all the greeting cards my husband received as a baby, from his grandfather. We found these in a "special" book when she passed away. When we read the cards, it brought tears to our eyes!! It was as if his grandfather was sitting there with us!!! My husband does not remember his grandfather(he passed away when he was two). But, reading these cards allowed him to make "a connection" with him and see how much his grandfather loved him!!

  2. So precious Cristin, and the cookies are adorable. I just love your new little inspiration!

  3. I love Karen's idea for the book for your adorable little Abigail. These cookies are sweet. She'll be happy when she's old enough to eat some of them :)

    Stay safe on those bike rides Cristin.


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