Monday, October 22, 2012

Bicycle Cookies and OUCH!

I crashed on Saturday :( At mile 44 of a group cycling ride, I was 2nd in line of the peleton, but unfortunately I was behind someone that I didn't know which is something I try to never do. We were making a right hand turn and I was already in the turn when I hit a huge pile of gravel and rocks. It felt like ice with how quickly I went down. I didn't see the pile of gravel and the guy in front didn't call it out. Since I was already in the turn, it took me out immediately. I landed hard, but the worst part was that I skid. Through the rocks and gravel I skid. Ouch! I've decided that I really prefer to keep my skin attached to my body. 
I called my daughter, Mellissa, to come pick me up and she jumped at the opportunity to help. But then I decided that it would be better to keep riding. I knew that if I stopped, everything would tighten up and it would be better to get the adrenaline going and work out the kinks. So the guys in my cycling group checked out my bike and one of the guys got some ice for my hand that was already swelling and bruised. The guys found that my cable was broken, so that meant I only had one gear - the biggest gear. Oh joy. Then my friend and I left the group and we rode 9 miles to my daughter's house. The wind seemed to burn through the road rash. Mellissa was really strong and cleaned out the debris from her mom's arms and legs. It felt better when everything was cleaned out. We then had to ride another 20 miles back to the start. The wind picked up really strong, but I found peace in the front pulling through the wind because I was able to lean into my aerobars so my hand didn't hurt. I would have loved to have a few gears to help battle against the wind, but at least we didn't have any hills to get back to the start. We finished with 71 miles.

The good thing is that I'm healing well. I ripped my $100 shorts which is a bummer, but I found a gal on Etsy that is going to make me some cute pink & lime green ladybug patches to try to repair my shorts. It's raining here the next couple days, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on bike rides while my bike is in the shop. And the injury on my hand is on the lower part, so I can still decorate cookies. And nothing is broken. God is good.

I baked lots of bicycle cookies a few weeks ago.
I started by outlining them in my glaze icing so the icing wouldn't run over the sides.
 Then I filled the cookies with white glaze icing.
Lots and lots of bicycles cookies filled.
 When the first coat of icing was completely dry, I then made wheels on each bicycle cookie. I like to use my Kopykake for perfect circles. It's not necessary, but I'm a bit compulsive... if you didn't know.
 Lots of bicycle wheels.
 Then I added spokes and a cute little candy dot to the center of each wheel.
 Lots of tires with spokes.
After the wheels were all dry, the next step was to add the bicycle frame. They wanted them all blue. These were for a wedding of a cyclist.
Lots of blue bike frames.
 And lastly I added the handlebars, the bike seat and the pedal after the frame was dry.
 Lots and lots of bicycles completed.
 Did you know that bicycle cookies are my favorite cookies to make? Yep. And I make LOTS of them :-)

I'm a little bit scraped up now, but soon will be back to cycling smiles :-)

Blue bicycle background for my blog today:


  1. Oh my gosh you poor thing! The bikes look awesome!!!! Thats great you are still able to decorate. I guess its a good lesson for me be perpared and organized and do things in advance. Could you imagine having to roll them out in your condition??
    Take care of your self.

  2. Cristin I cringed when I read this post and saw the photos of your injuries. I recently took a hard fall onto the pavement while running with my dog and got some severe road rash on my knee and less on the palms of my hands. The knee is healing now but every time I bend it I feel like my skin is going to rip! I can't imagine contending with all the road rash you received and I hope you heal well. I can't believe that you got up and rode your bike to Mellissa's, especially in the single tough gear. You are a trooper.
    I always love your bike cookies, these are no exception.

    1. Oh Paula I'm so sorry to hear about your fall! You're such a sweetie that it breaks my heart to hear that you are injured. I know what you mean about feeling like you skin is going to rip while it's healing. On a knee, I'm sure every bend hurts a lot. I'm so sorry. Thankfully my road rash is in small bits. It covers almost all of my leg, but since it's small parts, it seems to be healing quickly and it's not on moving parts. When I sit down I can feel it on my right upper thigh, but even that is feeling better. I hope you heal quickly Paula. I'm so sorry.

  3. Cristin I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Thank goodness you didn't break anything like our friend Samantha did! I hope the stiffness didn't last too long for you. Love the bike cookies and it looks like they fit really well into the box - which looks familiar ;)

    1. Thank you so much Susan! You're such a dear. I'm feeling much, much better. The bruises are nice and purple and tender, but the road rash isn't too painful now and thankfully I didn't break anything or have to have surgery like our poor Samantha. The bicycles fit well into those boxes you recommended. Unfortunately after I got them all packaged and ready to go, I took them down to FedEx and it was going to cost $200 to ship them! I ended up bringing them home and re-packaging the entire set into my usual USPS boxes and I shipped them out Express Mail for half the cost. So I still haven't used those new boxes for shipping yet. I plan to use them to ship cookies to Nick & Max at their colleges to see how they do. I'm lucky to have teenage boys that are more than willing to be my shipping testers for cookies ;-)


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