Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Popsicles That Are Cool Enough Even For Abigail

I'm having so much fun dressing up my little granddaughter. I waited so long for her to grow into this one. What a cutie huh! I just had to make popsicle cookie to match this cute outfit. Don't you agree? 
I added popsicle sticks to the back of the bags and added cute ribbons to the sticks.
 Here they are before they were bagged. You can't see it in the photos, but they have sparkly disco dust on them because Abigail's cute little outfit has sparkly glitter on the popsicles too.

 I made some little green polka dots too since her little skirt has polka dots under the tutu.
 Little cutie Abigail is inspiring lots of cookies lately... my little muse :-)
Thanks to my daughter, Mellissa, for helping to create the blog background. I taught myself how to make the blog backgrounds, but I have no idea how to make the digital paper or even how to change the colors of the clipart or digital paper. Mellissa is so amazing. I say "I want a popsicle background in these colors" and them boom there it is. Love that! And she brings this little angel to my house and lets me snuggle and squeeze and dress her up pretty and my world is complete.

Thanks to everyone that sent messages after my bike crash last week. I'm doing much better. I found a wonderful gal named Anita on Etsy that made me custom patches in pink & lime green to fix my cycling shorts that were torn from the crash. You HAVE to check out her Etsy shop: Just A Little Sparkle and see all the cute embroidered patches she makes. She sent me these super cute pink & lime green ladybugs and a whole bunch of hearts too for all the little tears in my cycling shorts from crashing in the gravel. Aren't these patches so adorable?! She made and shipped these super fast and now I've asked her to make a couple of special gifts for my little granddaughter for Christmas too.

Fun popsicle blog background for today:

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