Thursday, November 8, 2012

Basketball Cookies For The Tall Kids

My daughter, Mellissa, and I made basketball cookies just because. Yep, just because. I bought a super cool basketball hoop cookie cutter probably more than a year ago and never took the time to play with it. I actually have several cookie cutters that I haven't even used yet, so in between other projects, I'm trying to play with more cookie cutters :-)
 My son, Nick, was on a basketball team, but that was probably about 10 years ago. 
I really love this basketball hoop cookie cutter. 
 I also used my sports jersey to make some basketball jerseys. Since basketball jerseys are sleeveless, I just improvised. After I made these, I bought a cookie cutter that is a sleeveless jersey too.

 and of course we made some basketballs. These are large, measuring almost 4" all around. You know, we like big cookies at our house.

 Then we made some basketball pennants too.

and since we made basketball cookies just because, I'll share a cute picture of my little granddaughter, Abigail, just because :-)
Have a great day everyone!

Basketball blog background for today:


  1. Christine-
    Abigail is so cute!! I love her "shoes!"

  2. Great cookies. Abigail has the sweetest wardrobe! She's growing so fast ;)


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