Saturday, November 10, 2012

Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck With Friends & A LINK-UP PARTY too!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It is a time to remember all the things that we are thankful for and all those things that make us feel so blessed. With our crazy-busy lives, it is all too easy to get in the mode of running from one thing to the next and forgetting to stop and be thankful. Today I didn't even have time to take a shower! I got so caught up in my To Do list that time just escaped me. But you know how I started my day? I said a prayer of thanks. 

Before my feet touched the floor this morning (and most mornings), I thought of all the things that I'm so very thankful for. Most days my thankful prayer is long. But some days it can be as simple as "My little granddaughter has learned to smile and she gives those smiles freely and I STILL get choked up every time I see it." 

After I say my prayer of thanks, then I ask God for help with the things in my life that are more difficult or for people that I know that need prayers.

Many days I say a prayer of thanks for my friends. When I meet new people, I am often shy and awkward and self-conscious. God brings people into my life that pull me out of that and they are so kind and loving and thoughtful. Their friendship helps me to be a better me. I'm very thankful to be a part of a couple of online cookie groups. We support and challenge each other within our cookie decorating and we discuss cookies and children and husbands and work and ideas and everything in between. We are there for each other. I have found such joy in these cookie groups and I truly love these girls. 

Today we are having a Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck. Everyone chose something they would like to bring to our virtual table. Since I don't eat meat (or poultry or fish), I generally have salad, mashed potatoes and bread for Thanksgiving dinner. But a VIRTUAL dinner, I get to enjoy every bit of :-) Just look at our incredible cookie dinner!

See the end of this post to join in on our virtual potluck!
Isn't this just AMAZING! Thanks to everyone that joined in our potluck and thank you to Melissa & Kimmy for organizing it. Make sure to stop by all the cookie pages to read more about the project. 

I chose to bring Corn to our virtual potluck. The Corn cookie cutter is from I started by baking the corn shaped cookies and outlining them.
 Last year I didn't do a bottom coat on the corn and I decided it was difficult to make sure to get every bit of area filled, so I decided to first do a bottom layer of my glaze icing.
 I decided to make some of the corn cookies into maize also.
 Then I filled the green section.
 Next I filled the corn area with kernels. This is not an easy task with glaze icing.
Glaze is more runny than royal icing, so you have to either fill in sections or leave enough room for the kernels to expand so that they don't run together.
 For the maize corn, I had fun using fall colors. It was funny that decorating 7 corn cookies took 6 colors of icing.
 But they look pretty all together, don't they?
Now I would like to do something fun. I'd like to invite YOU to our Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner. What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving? Will you make one to share with us and post a picture here? I'll leave this potluck open until then end of Thanksgiving weekend. So that gives you a little more than 2 weeks to join in the fun. I'd love to see what you come up with! It can be a cookie photo of a food that you made last year or you can make a few special cookies just for our virtual potluck. Thanks everyone for playing along! I'm so excited to see what you share at our virtual dinner. And in the comments below, please share something that you are thankful for!

To add your link, just type in the web address of where the picture is located (either your blog or a Facebook page or other internet location). It has to be the full address, so go to where your photo is located and then copy and paste the URL that shows in your web address. If you have trouble, click the pink contact me button on the right side of my blog and I'll try to help.

Thanksgiving dinner blog background for today:


  1. WOW! The corn in amazing Cristin....just like you! And thanks for hosting a link party..what a great all our friends can join us!


  2. That's my kind of Thanksgiving dinner;) Don't you just melt when your granddaughter smiles?!? :) XO!

  3. Thanks for inviting us to your Thanksgiving table. Family and friends are true blessings!


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