Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookies Make Everything Better, Right?

I was going to wait to post Santa cookies until Christmas Eve, but I want to share my feel good moment with you, so here they are, earlier than planned.

Cookies make everything better right? I sure hope so. My Nicky has been sick since Thanksgiving (he has Mono). He's lost A LOT of weight. He's pale. He's super tired. He says that he's fine, but it's obvious he's not. I've been really worried about him. So here's my feel good mom moment of the day:

Nick: can I have a cookie?
Me: of course, there are 16 of them on the table all decorated and packaged
Nick: grabs a Santa cookie
Me: those Santas are really cute huh?
Nick: yeah and they're the biggest ones! :-)
Me: deep sigh of relief, he WILL get better before he leaves again for college. Cookies filled with love always do the trick. Right?
 The first set of Santas that I did this week were the ones below with a flesh colored mouth and black eyebrows. 
 I like that the skin tone is a little darker, but that might be just because I've been looking at Nick being so pale all week.

So the second set that I made, I gave the Santas a bigger smile and I gave him white eyebrows. 

 These Santa cookie are huge cookies measuring almost 6 x 5"! It took me a lot of time to make them, but it has magic powers and is making my Nick feel better. Completely worth it.
I'm a mushy mom. Teaching my kids to be independent and capable and the people they are going to be in this world is my top priority for sure, BUT when they are sick, I turn to mush. I worry and I feel helpless and my magic wand stops working. My only super hero cape is love and cookies. I sure hope they work.
And then there's little Abigail, all ready for Santa's arrival.
Make sure to check back here tomorrow. I am doing a VERY fun cookie cutter challenge with a bunch of gals and you'll definitely want to see what they came up with! Maybe I'll have to give away a cookie cutter too....Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa blog background for today:


  1. Oh Cristin, I'm so sorry to hear that Nick has come down with mono. Good thing he's home so Mom can take good care of him. Doing so will help you and him both feel better. Hopefully this doesn't grab too hard and too long of a hold on him. You both need to get a lot of rest over the holidays. Your cookies are great and Abigail is looking mighty cute in her pretty Santa outfit. Take good care.

    1. Thank you so much sweet Paula! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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