Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are You Ready For Some... Football!

I have a godson. What a blessing to have a godson. You get to love him him and hug him and share in his joy and not discipline him. It's like having a grandchild. Heaven. My godson is a very cool football player. His wonderful parents asked me to make football helmet cookies for their football team. So these are for Justin.
 These football helmets are SO huge that I could only fit 3 on a platter!
 Go Mustangs!
 and this is my godson, Justin. What a cutie huh. Oh he probably wouldn't like that. What a handsome young man. What a cool dude. Better? ;-) Sorry, but to me, he's a cutie patootie! He's also a super genius with football facts. 
Congratulations on a great season Justin and the Mustangs!

Football blog background for today: 


  1. He is a cutie! You aren't joking. Those cookies are almost as big as his head. I bet he loved them.

  2. Justin is a sweetie. He must have been flipping over these cookies!


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