Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cow Says Moo...

I have a new obsession with cows. I do have an obsessive personality if you haven't figure that out yet. I had an ADORABLE onesie made for Abigail with a cow on it and that started it all. Then I made 5 new cookie cutters and bought a couple more. Obsessed. I made lots and lots of cow cookies. I'm pretty much in love with them. You will be too when you see Abigail. I have an obsession for penguins too. Anyway, back to the cows, I bought a cute little black skirt to match the cow onesie for Abigail and then I finished off the look with cow print leg warmers. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Sorry, but you have to get through the cow cookies before you see the adorable Abigail. I'm mean like that. I PROMISE it will be worth the wait!

Cow Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Cow Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cow Cookie Tags HERE
I made some cows with fun scarfs and lots of colors and then I made some more "normal" cows too. 
 The onesie I had made for Abigail matches these cow head cookies. You'll see in the post after the cookies. Promise. The onesie was made from Anita of Just a Little Sparkle Etsy Shop.

 Yes, you can get some of these cow cookie cutters too. This is Crissy the Cow Head. Available HERE

and some cows sitting. I love these with the extra big nose. This is Carrie the Sitting Cow. Available HERE

 and this cow matches Abigail's pajamas that I bought for her, but they are too big for her to wear yet, so we'll just have to enjoy the cookies in the meantime ;-) This is Cassidy the Cow with Hat & Boots. Available HERE

 and a full body cow too. This is Collin the Full Body Cow. Available HERE
 I bought this fun cow head cookie cutter from Copper Gifts to add to my new cow collection.
and this milk carton cookie cutter available HERE

 and then I made myself a milk bottle to finish off my new cow cookie cutter collection. Available HERE

 And here she is. Totally worth the wait of having to look through cookies right?!
 and yes, I bought her a little cow stuffed toy too. Oh and a cow hat. I know. I know. Obsessed. But just look at that smile! Wouldn't you buy a bunch of cow stuff for that smile too?!
 The onesie was made from Anita of Just a Little Sparkle Etsy Shop.
 "Why is there a cow sitting next to me? and why is he dressed like me?"
 I'd say that she really likes her new cow collection. 
 Are you now obsessed with cows like I am? ;-)

Cow blog background for today:


  1. OH My! Cristin! Simply adorable, Abigail is so darn CUTE! I love the one where she is looking warily at the stuffed cow, then laughing at him! Your cookies are really cute too! :)

  2. Your model is way to cute, love,love,love♥

  3. Ok the cows are too stinkin cute! Way better looking than the cows I fed when I was a girl.

    1. Thanks Melissa. The cows you fed probably weren't wearing scarfs and boots ;-)

    2. sorry, that should say scarves and boots. I must be more tired than I realized :-)

  4. Cristin, there is "cute" and "darling" and then there is "TOO STINKIN' cute and darling".....Abigail will either grow up to be a little fashionista or such a tomboy that she won't give a flip about what she's wearing! Hee, hee.....I guess time will tell! One thing is sure....she will have a wonderful personality with that beautiful smile and all the love that surrounds her! (And the cow cookies are be-moooooo-tiful! Blessings, Donna B.

    1. Donna I always have so much fun reading your comments! Thank you so much! You are be-moooo-tiful! Cristin

  5. As a HUGE cow fan, I have to say these are my favorite yet!!! I was hoping to get a full body cow, but I don't see them in your shop. Are they already sold out :( ?????

    1. Hi Jenny, yes, I'm so sorry. The cow cookie cutters were gobbled in less than ONE minute! I'm sorry. I was only able to make 2 of each design available before my cookie cutter machine broke again. The machine had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, but I am keeping a list of those that have requested cow cookies. Please use the pink contact me button on the right side and send me a note on how I can contact you when/if I can get the cow cookie cutters available again. Thanks sweetie. Cristin

  6. I just decorated some cow cookies too! As cute as all your cookies are Cristin, Abigail steals the show in this post :)


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