Sunday, January 20, 2013

Giraffes and Giraffes and more Giraffes...

I have a bit of a giraffe fetish. It used to be just penguins and polar bears and then my granddaughter came along and her nursery is a jungle theme. I fell in love with giraffes along with my granddaughter, Abigail. In her little 5 months, she's already had countless giraffe outfits. 

A friend asked me to make giraffe cookies and owls for a baby shower and then the baby came early and the shower was cancelled. I had a ton of giraffe cookies that I had already started making, so I sent them all to various friends.

I went for a 58-mile bike ride yesterday after much too much time off the bike. My shoulders are so stiff and sore today. I have some cookies to bag up this morning and then I'm hoping to get some more exercise when it warms up a bit. I hope you are doing something fun with your day too!

Giraffe blog background for today:

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  1. You made SO many and SO many different colours. I love them all.


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