Monday, January 21, 2013

I Hold Your Heart In My Hand

I was going to share Get Well cookies with you today that I worked really hard on the last few days, but the beautiful outdoors is calling to me to go for a bike ride instead of staying in and watermarking photos ;-) So today I'm going to show you some cookies that Mellissa made. Completely by herself. I love that kid. She is so beyond amazing. She juggled motherhood in a way that shows it comes completely natural to her. I'm so proud. She made these heart in hand cookies for a Las Madres get together. She made a whole bunch of them, but we only got a platter picture.
Beautiful huh. Makes me think of the quote "You may only hold my hand for a little while, but you will hold my heart for always". That makes me get choked up thinking of my baby girl, now a mommy herself.

 I love you Mellissa and Abigail
I'm so proud of you Mellissa, love mom.

 and yes, she even made her own blog background too. She made these cookies at Christmas time.

Heart in Hand blog background for today:


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